A-Z of Entries


abbe 21.3.1802 at King's
Unlikely to have been Abbe Carron whom Godwin called on on 10.7.1802 as he was in Godwin's 1796 list for 1802 at the right position in the sequence for July


27.11.1806 :Abbey:
Coming right after Westminster Hall, and between two colons, so a single word for an event, it's very likely that Godwin took a look round Westminster Abbey


6.4.1791at Holcroft's with Rigg / 26.1.1800 adv at John King's / 9.2.1800 again / 8.3.1805 call on Philips adv Abbot (instructed) / 13.3.1805 call on / 20.3.1805 again / 21.3.1805 again / 16.7.1811 M J calls on Abbot


call on Harwood, Abington 25.9.1803
GD website has Abington as an unidentified person. This was a place near Cambridge on the road to Newmarket


Aboyne 5.5.1789 at Miss Williams / 14.9.1789 again / 21.12.1789 again /  9.2.1790 again / 12.2.1790 again /  7.5.1790 again / 20.10.1790 again / 11.3.1791 again /  13.5.1791 again
A very regular visitor at miss Williams', not on her 1786 subscription list. The only instances of the surname I found were as the title of Earls of Aboyne, this would have to have been the 4th Earl, Charles Gordon c.1726-1794. see Gordon, Lockhart


11.5.1790 Abp / 21.5.1790 again.
Surely Archbishop of Canterbury? in 1790 this was John Moore DNB 1730-1805


Acerbi, Giuseppe

Tobin & Cerbre call 19.3.1801 / 9.4.1801 Acerbi at Tobin's
Guiseppe Acerbi 1773-1846 Italian traveller in England c1800-1802. Godwin's first misspelling is understandable

Ackermann, Mrs

mrs Ackermann 7.11.1802 at Foulkes
Probably Martha (nee Massey) who had married in 1792 Rudolph Ackermann DNB 1764-1834

Ackland, Wroth Palmer

17.2.1796 col Ackland adv at mrs Robinson's
DNB (Sir) Wroth Palmer Ackland DNB 1770-1816 also known as William Palmer Ackland. Lt Col of 19th Regt of Foot 1795, 1796 sailed with regiment to Ceylon, will PCC 1816. The only Col Ackland in Army List at the time


Acot 8.6.1805 at Jo(seph) G(odwin)'s
Godwin's brother Joseph was at one time a carpet salesman and Godwin had met John Smith of 13 Primrose St (qv) auctioneer and appraiser at his brother's. So this could well have been Christopher Acott appraiser 80 Barbican (Holdens 1807) apprenticed to Roger Tuff citizen & founder 1803, as son of William Acott carpenter & broker Southgate Middlesex (Sun Fire 1792). The only other Acott I found among London tradesmen of the time was Thomas Acott shoemaker 164 Oxford St (Sun Fire 1792)

Adair, Robert

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796 but not coded to his person record in GD website

Adair, William Jones

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Jones Adair proposed member 27.5.1785 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Paradise
GODWIN DIARY: Adair 4.1.1789 at B Hollis' / 13.2.1790 at Anti-Tests / 23.5.1790 at Paradise's
WJAdair appeared in Godwin's 1796 list at start of 1789 so this must have been William Jones Adair, born about 1747 son of William and Margaret Jones of Pall Mall, went to Peterhouse Cambridge and Lincolns Inn, took surname Adair after inheriting £5000 from William Adair in 1783. He married Charlotte Harwood at St James Piccadilly in 1791. He appeared in the Law…

Adams, Daniel

see Adams, Joseph

Adams, Joseph

3.8.1794 calls (&Ritson), / 12.8.1794 sup at Adams's / 27.8.1794 again (adv Zenobio) / 22.11.1794 at Tooke's trial / 28.3.1795 sup at Adams' / 9.6.1795 call on (after miss G) / 28.8.1795 call on (then sup at miss G's) / 30.12.1795 Adams jr at Newton's / 19.3.1796 sup at Adams' (after call on miss G) / 2.8.1801 Adams at Hill's
Joseph Adams DNB 1755x7-1818 was born 20.7.1756. son of Joseph & Susannah (dau of Timothy Rogers) (Dr Williams Registry 16.1.1760). He was proposed for Socy Const Info 6.2.1784 by Henry Amory, 2nded John Jebb. Count Zenobio's presence on 27.8.1795 as a…

Addington, Henry

Addington 17.3.1801/ 14.1.1805
Henry Addington DNB 1757-1844, both enrtries above are covered by GD website event tags but coded as unidentified persons

Addington, Philip

Addington at tea 29.6.1797 / 30.6.1797 calls / 1.7.1797 to 5.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 6.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 7.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 8.7.1797 Addington dines / 9.7.1797 calls / 16.7.1797 again /19.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 23.7.1797 Addington at tea / 24.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters and finishes them on 25.7.1797 / 27.7.1797 Addington at tea / 3.8.1797 again / 18.8.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan. Vaughan's letters / 19.8.1797 Addington calls / 20.8 1797 Addington calls & dines / 23.8.1797 mrs Vaughan arrives. Vaughan calls…


see Mercier, A


11.4.1807 M(arshall) calls for Adkins / 11.8.1807 Bow Street, w. Corbet & T(homas) T(urner), warrant ; Jo. H(odgkins) calls : Adkins calls : M(arshall) & T(homas) T(urner) dine : H(odgkins) & Adkins call ; Bow Street
The second entry above seems likely to have been Harry Adkins, police officer Bow-street public office (Holdens directory 1811 and in Old Bailey proceedings 1809 to 1819). So the first entry quite likely referred to him as well. A Harry Adkins was later keeper of Warwick gaol (1830s & 1840s)


27.1.1806 Adlard adv. at Wroughton, proxy / 11.8.1813 Adlard calls
A family of printers & engravers, William Adlard SunFire 1789 printer 10 Salisbury Court Fleet St buried 19.1.1821 St Brides age 83 from St John Clerkenwell, his son James Adlard printer SunFire 1791 39 Duke St, West Smithfield (& later also 23 Bartholomew Close) bapt 2.5.1768 St Brides of William & Ann, married Sarah Gates 4.6.1790 St Pancras,  his will PCC 4.2.1819 mentioned father William, brothers Thomas & William, wife Sarah, sons Henry, John, Alfred, William, Frederick & George, and dau Mary…


Adolphus 15.11.1801 at Hill's / 29.10.1805 at theatre
John Adolphus DNB 1768-1845