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Kaine, Miss

miss Kaine 8.8.1800 at Burne's (in Ireland)


10.2.1795 at King's / 27.3.1795 at Geralds (with King) / 1.4.1795 Godwin meets him before dining at King's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1795, inserted above with King's other guests G Rogers, Anderson & Davis.
I found a Henry Kaines butcher of Dukes Shore, Limehouse, will PCC 1801, and a Thomas Kaines of St Marylebone buried 24.10.1827 age 65 at Countess of Huntingdon's Chapel, Spa Fields but no good reason it should be either of them except that the name is rare. Looked at variants Kanes, Caines, Canes and Keynes with no more luck


Karre, Sarah

Cary/miss Carey.
(Should be added to Identified person Fell, Sarah) 16.4.1797 Cary at dinner at H G's / 28.8.1798 at tea at Godwin's, adv H G & her / 30.8.1799 at dinner at Godwin's, adv Fell, H G & her / 3.11.1799 dines at Godwin's with H G and Fell.
As Sarah Karre she married Ralph Fell at St Dionis Backchurch on 5.7.1800, witnesses J Marshall, H Godwin. (Abinger c.17 f91, c.5 f14-17, 22-23, c.22 f127-30).


HCR diary  28.11.1812 diary typescript has at Flaxman's "the Pordens and Rays" this should be Kays
                      30.4.1813 Mr Kays Bedford St, Bedford Sq
                    21.12.1823 in Greenwich "left my card at Kay's"
                        1.1.1824 at Flaxmans "the Kays and the Franklins" "Mrs Kay looked almost as young as and handsomer than her daughter"
                      7.11.1824 at Greenwich "at Mrs Kay's met Mrs Franklin"
                        7.5.1825  "At seven went to Flaxman's - there were the Masqueriers and the Kays - Mrs Aders…

Kearsley, Thomas

11.3.1796 call on Ky
Godwin called on Kearsley on 7.3.1796 a few days before


17.12.1808 call on Keating  / 19.12.1808 Keating calls / 28.12.1808 call on Keating / 29.12.1815 again
Perhaps George Keating DNB 1762-1842 Catholic bookseller or his father Patrick 1723/4-1816
Maurice Keating DNB d.1835 & History of Parliament, army officer, opposition MP, and author

Keating, George

CURRENT TEXT "Alicia (1782/3-1816),"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Alicia nee Emsworth (1782/3-1816) whom he had married at St George Hanover Square on 12 September 1803, and>

Keating, Thomas

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Col Keating of 19 Charlotte St, Rathbone Pl proposed member 17.4.1792 by Robert Merry 2nded John Horne Tooke
Thomas Keating of St Edmund the King London bachelor = St Mary at Hill London 5.11.1772 Anne Peacocke otp spinster by lic wits Mann Peacocke, Rutt Peacocke, Mary Peacocke. Public Advertiser 6.11.1772 Yesterday was married Colonel Keating of Chinckford Hatch to Miss Peacock of Hackney. The will proved PCC 9.7.1802 of Thomas Keating former Colonel 88th foot of Amiens France dated 25.3.1797 (8th germinal 8th yr of republic) - administration…


Kedden 7.11.1800 at theatre (& Sarah Elwes) / 15.1.1801 tea at Kedden's (& Sarah Elwes) / 10.2.1802 call with Sarah Elwes on Kedden
Probably the Rev William Kedden son of Ralph of Fareham, Hants (will PCC 1777 Gosport) Magdalen Hall Oxford BA 1801. He was a friend of the Rev Lockhart Gordon (not to be confused with Pryse Lockhart Gordon, see my entry for Gordon) who was involved in a scandalous court case in 1804 concerning the abduction by Lockhart Gordon and his brother Lauden of a Mrs Lee, who however compromised the case against them by admitting she later agreed to have…


Keenan 23.2.1803 at Northmore's / 8.12.1803 Keenan calls / 11.1.1804 again / 25.1.1804 again
John Keenan c1785-1819 Irish painter. See Shelley and his Circle SC 54


4.8.1807 dine at Johnson's w. Keene / 26.8.1808 again / 19.10.1810 again / 8.10.1812 call on Keene, Dublin (not seen) / 13.10.1812 Keene of Dublin calls
Starting with the last two entries above, this may have referred to Martin Keene 1781-1846 bookseller of 6, College Green, Dublin, or to his father Arthur Keene of Charlemont-st, Dublin will PCC 4.10.1822. As a publisher Martin Keene seems to have been anti-Catholic, and he was King's printer in partnershop with the Grirsons (Dict Irish Biog). Possibly he was also the earlier Keene at Johnson's, if he visited London most years.…

Keene, Henry

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Henry Keene nr St Saviours Church proposed member 13.9.1782 by Joseph Brown 2nded Joseph Towers
Henry Keene was born about 1726 the youngest child of John Keene farmer of Stadham, Oxfordshire and his wife Alice. Henry's aunt Hannah had married Henry Shepherd, baker of St Saviour Soutwark (his will PCC 1734). She married again at St Benet Pauls Wharf 17.11.1737 John Chantrey lighterman and coal merchant (his will PCC 1751 and her will PCC 1759). At the time his aunt wrote her will Henry Keene was living with her. His oldest sister Elizabeth of…


C Keir 29.11.1800 dines / 19.12.1800 again / 10.6.1801 R K at Keir's / 27.8.1801 C Keir dines / 5.1.1804 K Keir dines / 11.1.1805 C Keir adv at dinner / 10.6.1806 R K at Keir's
Peter Keir coach axletree & box manufacturer, near Veterinary College St Pancras. Collections for prisoners under suspension of Habeas Corpus 1796, 1799 & 1818. John Thomas son of Peter & Elizabeth Keir born 25.9.1791 bapt 18.5.1800 St Pancras. Absence of baptisms for C, K & R Keir may suggest scepticai outlook. C appeared twice with Orlando Fenwick (born 1798) so was probably quite a small…

Kell, Christopher

Kell 27.2.1804
See Langridge, William Balcombe. Kell was his partner.


Keller 16.7.1800 at Reeves's / 22.7.1800 at Burton's


Kelly 8.6.1800 at John King's / 5.8.1800 (in Ireland at Wallace's trial) hear Barrington: int. Kelly. M Kelly in Godwin's 1796 list for 1800 / 9.12.1801 theatre adv mrs Inchbald (mrs Martyr, Hooke & Kelly) / 21.1.1803 mrs Kelly at Nicholson's & 3 Smiths / 20.1.1805 E Kelly at Nicholson's & 3 Smiths / 25.7.1835 RR & Kelly call
The first entry above at King's might be Michael Kelly DNB 1762-1826 singer and composer, but there's no particular reason to think so. I would suggest John Francis Kelly an army officer noted in the Reminiscences of Rees Howell Gronow DNB 1794-…

Kelly, Eleanor King

HCR diary 21.4.1823 at Aders "I found there Ellen's aunt Miss Kelly of the Custom House - she is said to be a very amiable and worthy woman - she may be so - her appearance not altogether favourable - she is very bulky and wears expensive ornaments - her clothes rich but too gay - she is ever talking of great people and her ancestors - Sir Paulet the jailer of Queen Mary of Scotland - and is oracular too in uttering commonplace remarks but I should think she is good-natured and kind-hearted" Ellen and Mrs Aders "were both delighted with Miss K's visit and it is in several respects valuable…

Kelly, Fitzroy

HCR diary 7.7.1825 "Storks with whom I had a late tete a tete - We have it seems a formidable new man in a Mr Kelly. He is known to Mrs Aders - He has a large connection and is said to be a pleader"
                    2.7.1826 awith Mrs Aders "a long conversation about Kelly of whom both A: and his wife have by no means a good opinion. Kelly it appears is a man of family but poor, distantly related to the Lowther family. From L. Lowther his mother has an annuity and it is reported that Lady Lowther was in danger of falling in love with Kelly - that may be a lie. He was put into…

Kelly, Montagu Henry

HCR diary 11.11.1819 "At 9 I called on Mrs Smith and staid till late chatting with her. She made a confidential communication. She is going to marry A. this was hardly news, at the same time she told me some particulars of her real history. Her first husband Kelly the father of her daughter is still living. She was married to him at the age of 16. He was a most detestable fellow, attempted her life in Trinidad, governor Picton was her friend - consented to be divorced from - in Germany - has an allowance from his relations of a weekly sum on condition that he does not trouble them. He has…

Kemble, Charles

Cha K 12.4.1795 adv at Siddons / C K 27.10.1799 at Kemble's
Both theses should clearly be added to Charles Kemble DNB 1775-1854