A-Z of Entries

Quayle, Thomas

HCR diary 21.5.1824 at French theatre "I introduced Quayle to Mrs Aders and Long and Tiarks to Qu: so that I had a variety of conversation"
                  17.11.1826 "Quayle, Wood & Pryme breakfasted with me - The Suffolk Magistrate, the Preston member, the Cambridge candidate agree admirably in their politics"
                    20.5.1833 "went early with Quayle to look at Aders prints & books which spoiled the day and without profit"
Thomas Quayle born 1758 son of John Quayle 1725-1797, from an influential family in the Isle of Man, and Margaret (Peggy) née…

Quesnell, Andrew

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Andrew Quesnell 41 (42) Poland St ratebooks 1779-1818 / Andrew Quesnell = St James 26.5.1777 Ann dau of Peter Creps (QV*) baker, the previous householder at this address / Middlesex Sessions 18.5.1782 Andrew Quesnell late of St James labourer not guilty of an assault on John Baptist La Couture / 14.12.1787 Andre Quesnel of Poland St baker bail for Edward Lomax & others / Andrew son of Andrew & Catherine Quesnell bapt 2.8.1782 St James / SunFire 1791 John Quesnell gent 12 Charles St Grosvenor Sq, his wife a milliner /…

Quetin, Jean Claude

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Jno Claude Quetin 15 Batemans Buildings ratebooks 1774 "gone & broke" / John Cluds Quetin = St Martin i t Fields 20.4.1775 Rose Austen botp by lic wits Francois Quetin, Lawrence (Behr?) / Victoire Rosalie Quetin born 31.7 1776 bapt 21.8.1776 St James Picc'y of Jean Claude & Rose / Nicholas Morel = St Luke Chelsea 17.12.1794 Victoire Rosalie Quetin / Nicholas Morel upholsterer, Marlborough St, St James voted 1818 Romilly & Maxwell


Quins 16.7.1800 at Reeves's / 22.7.1800 Quins at Burton's
GD website has coded these to Edward Turnly Quin DNB 1762-1823 which is probably right for later Quins in London, but though he was Irish there were many Quins in Ireland and Quin didn't appear in Godwin's diary with Curran in London until 1817. E T Quin married in London in 1793 and the DNB says nothing more about his whereabouts till 1803 when he became editor of the Traveller
Thomas Goold's mother was nee Quin (see Gould) and Gould was at Reeves's on 16.7.1800. In Dict Irish Biog Henry Quin 1717-1791 doctor, his sons…

Quincey, Joseph

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Joseph Quincey of Lant St, Southwark proposed member 8.11.1782 by Thomas Hinton Burley Oldfield 2nded Henry Amory
His father perhaps Robert Quincey
Robert Quincey of Kensington bach married St Gregory by St Paul 7.6.1739 Susannah Fielding sp otp. Susnna dau of Robert & Susanna Quincey bapt Aug 1745 St Geo Southwark. Robert Quincey bur St Ann Blackfriars 20.4.1750 age 40. Robert Quincey married at Kensington 14.6.1750 Mary Savage. Sarah dau of Robert & Mary Quincey of New Red Cross St bapt 5.6.1757 St Geo Southwark. Robert Quincey…


4.9.1808 Royal Ménagerie, Quist w. M(ary) J(ane), Bonnycastle &c
Probably Charles Adolphus Quist, 1729-1821  Lt. Col attached to the Riding House department of the Royal Artillery, Woolwich, died unmarried. Charles Quist son of Count Adolphus Quist of Sweden, naturalised 1775. Was he displaying riding skills at age 79? The main attraction at Pidcock's Royal Menagerie, Exeter Change, Strand was the female kangaroo with her young hopping in and out of her pouch