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31.10.1807 T(homas) T(urner), from T R D L, sups, seeking Sheridan
In GD website T R D L is underlined as unidentified here, but it clearly meant Theatre Royal Drury Lane as on 21.12.1807 and on 15.9.1818 where GD website correctly explains it in a note

Tabart, Benjamin

3 Tabarts sup 4.1.1810 / 9.2.1810 call on Tabart (not seen) / 10.2.1810 call on Tabart / 23.6.1810 call on Tabart (not seen) (Guildhall) / 29.6.1810 Guildhall (Tabart) / 31.7.1810 again / 11.8.1810 again / 21.8.1810 again / 11.9.1810 Baptist C H; Tabart / 9.10.1810 Haines calls from Tabart: Baptist's Head; Tabart / 18.12.1810 Tabart calls / 7.4.1820 call on La(dy) Phillips adv. Tabart
Benjamin Tabart (1767-1830) son of Benjamin Tabart & Mary St Paul. Both his parents died while he was a child and his grandfather Daniel Tabart a jeweller left money in his will PCC 1775 for his…


Taggart 10.10.1799 at Curran's / 12.10.1799 again / 28.10.1799 again / 29.8.1800 calls (& Curran) / 9.9.1800 sup at Taggart's with Curran

Tailor, John Bayley

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Bayley Tailor proposed member 16.4.1784 by Joseph Towers 2nded James West, to be sent to Mr Knight's, 57 Strand (John Knight draper Strand 1778-1823)
Presumably son of John Tayler and Sarah Bayly who married 17.7.1752 or 17.7.1751 somewhere in Suffolk (familysearch.org). From his age at burial he was born about 1752. He took an apprentice as grocer of Woodbridge 1776 (and another in 1790 at a premium of £105). His son John Bayly Tailer junior was born 22.2.1787 son of John Bayly Tailer & Elizabeth and baptised at age 44 on 3.10.1831 at…


7.9.1809 seek Zoust, at Tain's &c, w. M(ary) J(ane)
This must surely have meant J Thane, printseller 18 New Lisle-st Leicester-sq (Holdens trades directory 1811). They were seeking a print of Shakespeare's head by Gerard de Soest (or Zoust)


Fell, S Elwes & Talbot call (not in) 11.6.1800
The only Talbot in Godwin's diary and Godwin didn't even see him, but I could still hazard a guess on Montague Talbot DNB 1774-1831 actor. His last appearance at Drury Lane theatre was a week later on 18.6.1800 and he then removed to Ireland and married an Irish actress that autumn. Consider also Thomas Talbot DNB 1771-1853 but there were plenty of other Talbots who this could have been

Talbot, William

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
William Talbot Esq ratebooks 4 Batemans Buildings 1774 / William Talbot Esq SunFire 1777 Tavistock St, Bedford Sq / will of William Talbot  Esq of Tavistock St Bedford Sq dated 30.9.1778 mentioned Margaret Goodridge and her mother Margaret Goodridge both of Henrietta st, Covent Garden, execs Richard Beale & William Kingston gents of Covent Garden proved 7.5.1783 but revoked and admon granted Nov 1780 to John Osborne Esq for H M Treasury confirmed (stating Talbot to have been a bachelor and a bastard). The state had the right to…


Tanner 30.11.1793 at Wrights
Samuel Tanner cordwainer Litchfield St Soho voted Fox 1790 wife Frances (Old Bailey witness 1787)
John Tanner steward Friends of Parliamentary Reform 18.5.1797


call on Tassaert 2.7.1802 with Philips. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1802 as Tassaret.
Philippe Joseph Tassart 1732-1803 history painter and president of Society of Artists. See Farington's diary (e.g. vol III p795), for his reputation as an art expert which may relate to the purpose of Godwin & Phillips' call (see Miller). On GD website he has a person record and his 1796 list entry is coded to it but not the 1802 entry although the editorial notes refer to it


5.4.1810 call on Tate / 12.4.1810 C(harles) C(lairmont) on Tate / 20.5.1811 call, w. C(harles), on Tate &c / 1.6.1811 call on Tate (not seen), w. C(harles) C(lairmont) /  3.6.1811 C(harles) C(lairmont) to Tate / 10.9.1811 call on Tate / 5.10.1811 Tate calls / 4.1.1812 again / 4.1.1819 again / 26.1.1819 call on Tate / 27.2.1819 Tate calls
Clearly some relationship to Charles Clairmont, maybe a trial apprenticeship or some tutoring?
Holdens 1811 directory: John Tate & Son, warehousemen, and George Tate, merchant at 11 Crescent, Minories / Tate & Northcote merchants 30…

Tate, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Tate of Battersea proposed member 27.4.1792  by Michael Pearson 2nded John Horne Tooke
William Tate married 6.11.1766 at Leconfield, Yorks Hannah Hilbert. Francis Tate baptised at Muston, Yorks 31.8.1769 son of William. (York Guide 1787 William Tate spirit merchant Colliergate, SunFire 1790 William Tate, York, hop merchant & dealer in spirituous liquors, beer & cider. William Tate subscr to Ogden's poem Revolution 1790 but there were several other William Tates in or near London then / a tailor of 8 Monmouth St SunFire 1792 and…

Tatlock, James

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: James Tatlock of 3 Wood St, Cheapside proposed member 1.2.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded George Williams
Thomas Tatlock who married Mary Wade 13.2.1763 at St Michael Wood St was probably either his father or brother. London Gazette 7.7.1772 Richard Blackburn & Thomas Tatlock of Wood St, London merchants bankrupt, their.agreement 1764 re 2 silk mills in Stockport, Cheshire (Nat Arch C 111/198). Another relative Charles Tatlock of St Lawrence Jewry bach = St Margaret Pattens 26.4.1765 Sarah Marriott sp otp by lic. Directories 1768-1771 Charles…


Tattersal 22.8.1797 adv at Joseph Johnson's (& Stephens) / 28.8.1797 adv at (Fuseli's? or Inchbald's?) / 20.11.1797 at Tobin's / 27.2.1798 adv at Joseph Johnson's (& Stephens) / 22.3.1798 adv at (Fuseli's? or Brand Hollis's?) / 18.7.1798 meet (Este &) Tattersal / 4.9.1798 adv at Joseph Johnson's
Dr William Tattersall wrote A Brief View of Anatomical Arguments for Doctrine of Materialism. Farington Diary iv 1464 (1800) young T age 18 son of late Dr T ran away. Edmund T auctioneer will PCC 1810 of Grosvenor Place. Dr James T of Ealing will PCC 1855


HCR diary 10.6.1824 at Lamb's a large party "a Mr Taylor a young man of talents in the Colonial Office"
                    15.8.1824 in Norwich "I had been invited to dine with Ad: Taylor but thought it prudent not to go and I therefore accepted an invitation to dine with Will: Taylor - a very amusing afternoon - a younger brother of Austin's tribe, one Smith and another young man there - The conversation on T's part however was even to me highly exceptionable - I mean before young men - such as "Zoten Gotteslasterei und Aufruhr sind die Thure Angel des Menschlichen Lebens" (Dirty…

Taylor (Stowmarket)

Taylor's 10.9.1805 Finborgh (near Stowmarket)
Mr Taylor of Ringshall nr Stowmarket d1815 age 78, Thomas Taylor buried Stowupland 30.9.1815 age 77. Pleasance wife of Mr W Mumford of Hintlesham Priory died 12.11.1831 age 28, only dau of Mr E Taylor of Ringshall. Finborough is 2 miles west of Stowmarket, Stowupland 1 mile east of it and Ringshall 3 miles south of it, Hintlesham Priory a few miles south of Ringshall. See my entry for Mumford, Mrs. On GD website this entry is coded to John Taylor DNB 1750-1826 which is probably wrong

Taylor, Charles

call on Cha. Taylor 12.7.1804
Perhaps Charles Taylor DNB 1756-1823. According to the DNB he was a deeply conservative man but in 1801 the London Library was moved to his premises at 108 Hatton Garden where it remained for several years, which may have been relevant to the purpose of Godwin's call

Taylor, Francis

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Francis Taylor of Hull proposed member 15.11.1782 by Jeremiah Batley 2nded John Jebb. Provided constituency info re: Hull, Beverley & haydon, offered to cover Scarborough & Malton as well
Francis Taylor = Bridlington 27.12.1791 Mary Marshall botp by lic wits Eliza Marshall, John Walmsly. Marriage register didn't state if bach or wid but licence said age 21 and upwards, I found no other record of his age. He was perhaps the son of Francis Taylor of Bridlington who married Ann Dalton there 30.4.1760. There was a marriage at Airmyn not far…

Taylor, John

call on R Taylor; adv pere 21.5.1803 / 11.5.1804 call on R Taylor adv mere & soeur / 2.8.1805 call on R Taylor; adv Arthur / 16.7.1806 call on R Taylor adv pere mere & A / 19.8.1807 call on R Taylor (adv frere aine) / 8.3.1809 call on R Taylor; adv. Edwd / 16.6.1817 call on R Taylor adv pere
In the 1807 entry above GD website has mistranscribed frere as pere, the two are not that different in Godwin's handwriting. So that entry must have been John Taylor DNB 1779-1863, Richard Taylor's only older brother. The entries in 1803 and 1817 have not been coded, as other similar…

Taylor, John

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
John Taylor 1780 leaseholder of 1 to 5 Poland St (the leaseholder by 1789 was Alexander Scott (QV*)). Also a John Taylor leaseholder of 23 Poland St. A very common name but I wondered if this may have been the oculist  John Taylor DNB 1724-1787.

Taylor, Lancastrian

28.11.1794 Taylor Lanc at Gerald's / Taylor 29.11.1794 at Crompton's / 14.12.1796 Taylor Lancastrian at House of Commons
Joseph Farington's Diary vol 4 p1303 (16.11.1799) listed the applicants to be secretary to a Society in the Adelphi; Valentine Green, Walker philosopher, and a Mr Tayler of Lancaster. Unitarian Society list 1792 had a Philip Taylor of Stand, nr Manchester