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29.10.1791 Guillaume Vade. A book by Voltaire


Vadier calls (not in) 1.7.1799
A Vadier was delegate from Ariege to the National Assembly of France in 1791, judged Louis XV! to death, was President in 1794, condemned to transportation 1796, his son Vadier defended him, was a prisoner in Cherbourg 24.7.1799, moved to Chartres 1800, was a general in the army 1803, died at Brussels 19.12.1828 aged 93. A Dr Vadier at Diss Norfolk in 1827

Valli, John

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
John Valli ratebooks 5 Batemans Buildings 1778 / John Vally trimming maker Batemans Bldgs voted Fox 1780 / SunFire 1781 John Valle gent 10 Batemans Buildings / Westminster Coroners 7.1.1783 John Valli died of apoplexy in Hackney coach in Oxford St witness Elinor Newton spinster of Glanville St Rathbone Pl worked with Valli at Batemans Buildings as artificial flower maker, as did Lucy wife of James Hopstrow furrier, they had beer and twelfth night cake together at Mrs Hopstrow's lodging in Crown St / John Valli of Batemans Buildings…

Valpy, Martha Carteretta

miss Valpy 27.3.1798 adv at Chandler's
Martha Carteretta Valpy bapt 16.11.1779 St Mary's Suffolk dau of Richard & Martha Valpy, eldest dau of Richard Valpy DNB 1754-1836 and only child of his first marriage. She married 4.5.1804 in Hampshire, Thomas James Straker and went with him to Barbadoes. His will PCC 1814 late of Lisbonl proved by Henry Abbott attorney of Martha Cartaretta Straker who was in Barbadoes. Subscr to The Emigrant in London 1795 Rev Dr Valpy Reading, Miss Valpy Canonbury. She also subsribed to Mme Genlis' Annals of Virtue 1794

Van Effin

Van Effin 19.4.1788.
See letter from Richard Price to Godwin (Abinger c.1 f73). On 26.11.1787 Price wrote a letter introducing the bearer Mr Van Effin, a Dutch minister and a neighbour and friend of Dr Price's (at Hackney) who wished to speak to Godwin on the late History of the United Provinces

Vanbergh, Giles

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset
Vanberg(h) 11 Batemans Buildings ratebooks 1777-1788 (1785 Vanbergh & Burnett) / SunFire 1779 Giles Van Bergh gent 11 Batemans Buildings / Giles Vanbergh = St James Picc'y 11.7.1772 Mary Burnett(e) botp by Archbishop's lic wit Hannah Burnett / Hannah bt 3.3.1750 & Mary bt 10.3.1754 both of Richard & Mary Burnett, Exeter Court at St Mary le Strand / Richard Burnett ratebooks 4 Exeter Court, St Clement Danes 1767-1803 / 15.8.1776 Westminster coroner's Richard Burnet blind fiddler witness re: death of Hon John Damer who shot…


Vandersee 18.1.1803 adv at Tower / 24.1.1803 call on Vandersee, Exchequer Office / 20.2.1803 call on Vandersee (after Tower) / 11.7.1803 Vandersee adv at Museum / 5.8.1803 Vandersee adv at Tower
George Vanderzee, side clerk, Kings Remembrancer's office, Exchequer, (La2w list 1800) became fellow of Society of Antiquaries 14.1.1796 of 2 Brick Court, Middle Temple, married 24.5.1798 St Mary Newington Mary dau of late G D Hammond Esq of Lawling Hall, Essex. George Vanderzee buried 10.4.1837 age 71 St Pancras will PCC 1837. His family of Billericay Essex, various PCC wills, James V…


HCR diary 21.4.1820 Robinson's 3rd day back in London "had a long walk - I found neither Miss Vardill nor the Flaxmans nor Aders at home"
                    22.1.1826 Mrs Vardill died Tuesday, Robinson and Drewett execs
                      2.2.1826 "after dinner to Nivens, Miss Flaxman & Miss Denman there"
                    28.9.1826 Robinson visited the Nivens at Kirkcudbright, Scoltand
letter from Mrs Aders in London to HCR in Italy 5.9.1830 (at the Flaxmans) "I was much surprised when calling there about 10 days ago to find Mrs Niven there in widows…


dine at Chandler's w. Vardon adv Phs & TV 23.4.1798 / 10.7.1798 Chandler's,w. Vardon & Philips / 1.2.1799 Fancourt's, w. mrs Vardon
Probably Samuel Vardon who married Charlotte Ling at Astbury Cheshire in 1775, their children were baptised at St Anne Soho, He exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1772 at Mr Vardon's 41 Gracechurch St, in 1775 at 29 Frith St Soho, in 1792 at 23 Soho Sq and in 1798 at 52 Devonshire St Queen Sq. Samuel Vardon goldsmith of Frith St voted Hood & Wray 1784. Samuel & Thomas Vardon were goldsmiths at 29 Frith St in 1790, Samuel & Thomas…

Vardy, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Vardy of Grosvenor Place original member 1780 (near neighbour of Frederick Vincent QV*)
Son of John Vardy (DNB 1717/8-1765) who married Hannah Hill at St Marylebone 10.4.1744, both of St James, Piccadilly. Their son John born c.1745  Edward bapt St Mary's, Hampton 5.10.1746, George bapt St Martin i t Fields 11.12.1748, Margaet bapt there 3.10.1751, Elizabeth bapt Chelsea Hospital 8.8.1756. John Vardy enrolled at Westminster School age 7 in 1752, suceeded his father as Surveyor of Royal Mint (1765-1793), and married at Hurst, Berks 12.4.…


Varland 10.2.1795 at King's.
Varland was a character in Cumberland's play The West Indian. Since the actor John Quick was famous for this role and appeared again at King's on 31.3.1795, Wolcot being present both times, it is possible that Varland referred to him. The name was very rare in England though slightly commoner in France, Norway &c
Samuel & Mary Varland dau Elizabeth = James Harper before 1804



call on Mulready cum Varley 15.3.1805 / 13.4.1805 mrs Varley at Thos Hope's
John Varley DNB 1778-1842 married Esther Gisborne in 1803 (see Gisborne) and his friend and pupil William Mulready DNB 1786-1863 married Varley's sister Elizabeth also in 1803 (said to have been an unhappy marriage, but she was an artist herself). John Varley's brothers Cornelius & John Fleetwood, both in DNB, were as yet unmarried. Thomas Hope DNB 1769-1831 was an "enlightened patron of young and promising artists"


6.8.1807 call on Taylor (Vaughan) / 12.8.1807 Vaughan at S(kinner) S(treet)
The two Vaughan entries above probably referred to the same person. The previous use of Vaughan was 1798 and the next was in 1810. Godwin seems to have been arranging for someone to sleep at his Skinner-st shop, so on 7.8.1807 Hooley sleeps 4 nights in S S, on 11.8.1807 Godwin himself sleeps at S S, on 12.8.1807 Vaughan at S S, so this Vaughan was probably someone paid to sleep there, possibly an apprentice or employee of Richard Taylor's.
23.3.1810 call on Ward, Solly & Vaughan / 23.11.1810 call on…

Vaughan, Benjamin

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Benjamin Vaughan of Mincing Lane original member 1780
Benjamin Vaughan DNB 1751-1835

Vaughan, Felix

f 46r of Vol VII of Godwin's diary F V will have £5000 per annum H T
FV is Felix Vaughan and HT is John Horne Tooke
letter dated 25.8.1791 from Felix Vaughan in Geneva to John Richter at Sir Robert Herries, London, mentioned J H Tooke, Mr Carey at Paris and Mr Squire who might pay Richter money on Vaughan's account.(Nat Arch TS 11/953)

His will PCC 13.6.1799

Vaughan, Priscilla

mrs Vaughan arrives, Vaughan calls 23.8.1797 / 24.8.1797 Vaughan calls / 25.8.1797 Vaughan, Addington call / 2.9.1797 nurse / 3.9.1797 nurse / 13.9.1797 mrs V removes / 14.9.1797 PV sups (& Fenwicks) / 17.9.1797 mrs V dines / 18.9.1797 mrs V at tea / 21.9.1797 talk with PV / 22.9.1797 adv PV at dinner / 23.9.1797 write to Addn. adv PV at dinner / 26.9.1797 (mrs Fenwick &) PV at tea / 29.9.1797 PV calls / 4.10.1797 PV calls
First read entry for Addington, Philip. The plain Vaughan entries above seem to have been her husband John from whom she had eloped at some point before 9.…

Vaughan, Samuel

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Samuel Vaughan of Mincing Lane proposed member 1.9.1780 bu John Jebb 2nded Edward Bridgen
See wikipedia. because DNB doesn't feature him I assembled the following before realising wikipedia have a good article on him. Born 23.4.1720 twelfth and youngest child of Benjamin Vaughan who had married Ann Wollf at Dublin 19.11.1700. His older brother William was made free of Scriveners Co London by redemption 28.4.1727 son of Benjamin Vaughan merchant of Waterford Ireland, and Samuel was appr to his brother William in Scriveners Co 27.9.1736. Both his…

Vaughan, William

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: William Vaughan proposed member 29.3.1782 by Samuel Vaughan 2nded Edward Bridgen
William Vaughan DNB 1752-1850


7 Vernons 1.7.1800 on wherry to Dublin
The 7 Vernons may have been John Vernon of Clontarf Castle barrister 1778 married Sep 1780 Elizabeth dau of Henry Fletcher, children George (became a barrister), John Fane, Frances (=Bertram Mitford 1806),Elizabeth (=Chas Arthur Tindall) & Maria (=Pierce Butler 1806)


26.9.1809 call on Vernor / 16.11.1809 call on V & H
Vernor & Hood booksellers 31 Poultry from 1797 to 1812 (& with Sharpe from 1806) bbti. Thomas Vernor died in 1793 and was succeeded by his widow Ann. Their only son George Glass Vernor died in 1796 age 24. Their daughter Rachel was married to Eliezer Chater (qv) stationer. His partner was William Limbery Grosvenor (qv). Ann Vernor died in 1808, leaving no Vernors in the firm, which was run by Thomas Hood and Charles Sharpe. Thomas Hood died 20.8.1811 of a malignant fever and Charles Sharpe went bankrupt in 1812. So by "…