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2.10.1807 E T en bas

The only other uses of E T in Godwin's diary were twice in 1830 where it was clearly associated with R T which certainly meant Richard Taylor (DNB 1781-1858). R, E & A Taylor had breakfasted with Godwin on 26.9.1807, six days before the above entry. So I suggest this was Edward Taylor (DNB 1784-1863), Richard Taylor's younger brother, who has a person record on the GD website

Eagle, Mrs

mrs Eagle 9.8.1800 at Lady Moira's
Simon Eagle of Gerrardstown co. Dublin = May 1790 Arabella dau of late Rev Patrick Kenny, prebend of Clonmethan, co. Dublin / Dublin Trades 1797 Edward Eagle apothecary 44 Bolton St


Eale 14.11.1799 at theatre
A rare name, nearest relevant reference I found was Joseph Eale, linen draper, Strand 1785. In the GD website the event tag for the theatre that night is blank. The plays were Fair Penitent by Nicholas Rowe and Turnpike Gate by Thomas Knight


call on EAO 27.3.1805 / 9.5.1805 call on IO / 13.12.1809 call on Equitable (Planta, &c)
Probably Equitable Assurance Office, Bridge St, Blackfriars. See my entry for Cooper. The IO could have stood for Invalid Office, but perhaps it was just insurance office, and the same one.


Eardley 2.3.1803 at Lady Valentia's. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1803
Sampson Eardley formerly Gideon 1745-1824 Hist of Parl (MP for Wallingford 1796-1802). His father Samson Gideon DNB 1699-1762 (where his date of death is wrongly given 1821), his sons Sampson Eardley 1770-1824 Alum Ox died unmarried but a son born 1819, William Eardley 1775-1805 Lt Col 82nd foot 1795. GD website has coded this entry to a person record but it gives no info on the person


17.6.1807 explanation, S S; adv. T(homas) T(urner) from Earle / 13.7.1811 Earle adv. at theatre
Possibly the attorney's clerk James Henry Earle (c.1787-1856) son of the surgeon Sir James Earle (DNB 1755-1816). He later took a law degree at Cambridge and got ordained in the Church of England. He was articled to Washington Coates of Lincolns Inn for 5 years on 22.1.1805 for a substantial premium of 300 guineas. Possibly also his father or one of his uncles or brothers but he seems to have been the only Earle in the legal profession at that time, where Thomas Turner was most likely to…

Easte, William

MILL VOTERS 1802: William Easte of Brentford End


miss Eastwick dines 28.3.1805 (&Rowans & Beresfords) / 29.3.1805 L Eastwick at tea / 11.4.1805 L Eastwick calls / 29.10.1805 call on mrs Eastwick for MJ / 13.5.1806 mrs Eastwick invited to dinner / 14.1.1810 L Eastwick sups / 27.4.1810 Eastwick dines / 10.3.1811 L Eastwick dines / 27.4.1811 again / 17.9.1811 E Eastwick sleeps / 17.2.1812 L Eastwick calls / 26.9.1812 L Eastwick dines / 30.9.1814 E Eastwick jr calls / 23.11.1816 L Eastwick dines / 27.11.1816 again / 21.4.1817 L Eastwick adv at dinner / 23.6.1819 write to Eastwick / 3.7.1819 Eastwick calls / 16.7.1819 again / 2.8.1819…


AMENDMENTS TO OXFORD DNB: Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 see below
SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION:  Mr Eaton original member 1780 but missing from lists by 1783
No clear identification but Rev James Eaton chaplain to Nottingham Hospital subscribed 1787 to the Works of John Jebb. This James Eaton "of Middlesex" attended Merchant Taylor's School and Peterhouse Cambridge, and died 1816 according to Alum Cant. Another slim possibility could have been Daniel Isaac Eaton DNB 1753-1814 or his father Daniel Eaton (c.1728 - c.1805) a prosperous stationer, or his grandfather…

Eaton, Richard

HCR diary 14.6.1822 at Aders "The Miss Lanes there - Miss L. senr is a governess at Mr Eaton's near Newmarket"
                   18.1.1828 at Cambridge called on Miss Lane visiting at Tyrwhitt's, Mr & Miss Eaton there
                  10.11.1843 "old Eaton the banker is dead and Miss L: after devoting 30 years of her life to the education of his daughter is left without any provision whatever - The heir will do nothing for her - The daughter, her pupil, is married and has not the means - A younger son abroad will do something it is supposed -All this is anticipation, for…


Ebworth calls 22.2.1802
Geo Ebsworth copperplate printer 7 Rolls Bldgs Chancery Lane 1793-1817 British Book Trades Index (aka Ebworth). Ebworth greengrocer Chancery Lane 1814


Ede 9.5.1790 at John Paradise's / 21.3.1805 adv at Philips'
The Ede at publisher Richard Phillips DNB 1767-1840 might have been (though it seems unlikely) James Ede whose The Gold and Silversmith's Calculator was published in 1806, though no copies of the first edition in Bodleian or British Library to check publcation details from. His next work in 1808 was printed for J M Richardson. His address was 12 King St Clerkenwell in 1809 (Sun Fire). There was a Francis Ede senior, merchant at 40 Friday St in Sun Fire 1812, a Francis Ede merchant at 9 East Place, Lambeth in Sun Fire 1813 (…


4.7.1796 miss Brunton & mr Eden call

Edgeworth, Henry

12.10.1799 sup at Johnson's; adv. Edgworth jr / 31.12.1799 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworth junior / 25.2.1800 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworthj / 9.6.1807 adv. H Edgworth at Johnson's / 11.3.1808 H Edgworth at Johnson's / 10.6.1808 dine at Johnson's, w. Dr Edgworth / 28.4.1809 H Edgworth at Johnson's / 21.7.1809 dine at Johnson's, w. Dr Edgworth / 23.3.1810 dine at Johnson's, w. Edgworth junr / dine at Johnson, w. Edgworth jr
Quite likely Henry Edgeworth (1782-1813) son of Richard Lovell Edgeworth (DNB 1744-1817) by his third wife Elizabeth Sneyd. He gained his doctorate in medicine…


17.7.1808 sup at Toppings w. Edlam
Edlam very rare name but Headlam was a Northern name and perhaps dropped his h. Five doors from Godwin
Slade, Scaife, Irving & Headlam warehouseman 51, Bread-st (Holdens Directory 1805)  / insured SunFire 1808 John Headlam & Arthur Hill Slade 46 Skinner-st, Snow Hill / John Headlam warehouseman 46 Skinner-st & 3, Snow Hill (P.O. Directory 1816)

Edmonds, Henrietta

SWEDENBORGIANS:  Henrietta Edmonds bapt New Jerusalem chapel 7.6.1788 on published list of 77 signatories to New Church 7.12.1788
One of seven women in the printed 1788 list of signatories whose names didn't appear beside that of a husband, and the only one to have been baptised without any apparent family connection to other Church members. She was possibly born Henrietta Jameson who married John Edmonds at St Mary Whitechapel 19.5.1746 botp banns, and was buried St Saviour Southwark 23.9.1811 widow age 93. Charles son of John Edmonds taylor of St Saviour Southwark was apprenticed 3…

Edmonds, Thomas

See Castle Street East 1 to 15 &c in London Addresses dataset
No 8 Castle St East Land Tax 1791-1826 Thomas Edmonds / Harris's list 1788 Miss Br-wn, 1789 Miss B-ks / No 7 Castle St East Land Tax 1797 Catherine Edmonds
The Covent Garden Ladies were in the gap 1785-1790 for which we have no Land Tax records. Thomas Edmonds = 31.5.1789 St Anne Soho Priscilla Ridley and Thomas Ridley Edmonds son of Thomas & Priscilla was born 20.2.1790 and bapt there 14.3.1790. A Priscilla Edmonds, adult, was buried St Marylebone 13.3.1796. The Catherine Edmonds entry for No 7 in 1797…


send home Edmondson
Jonathan E methodist preacher 1766-1842 (John Rylands Methodist Archive Biography Index)
Matthew E upholder Haymarket Sun F 1783
Miss E (Boyle's 1792) 27 Upper Brook St
E & Hansbrow merchants of Tokenhouse Yard 1782/3
Robert E tobacconist Newington Causeway 1790
Richard E appr 1789 to Wm Bliss surgeon of Red Lion St Spitalfields
John E saddler St Marylebone took appr 1782
Joseph E coachpainter St James took appr 1780
Charles Edmonstone counsel 1793 equity draftsman 3 Lincolns Inn Stone Bldgs

Edridge, Henry

Edridge 7.5.1806 Godwin calls on with Wordsworth & Duppa
Henry Edridge DNB 1768-1821. See Mary Moorman "William Wordsworth" vol 2 p73

Edwards (Oswestry)

12.10.1810 Edwards (Oswestry) calls
Likely to have been William Edwards bookseller of Oswestry from 1792 to 1812 (bbti). But Edwards was a common name in Oswestry, including the vicar Rev Turner Edwards, a goldsmith, a mercer and three innkeepers in Holdens directory 1811.