A-Z of Entries

Ideson, Luke

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset
SunFire 1790 Luke Ideson gent 49 Poland St. He doesn't appear in ratebooks as the leaseholder was the parish of St James and Ideson was the parish clerk . He may have been the Luke son of Robert Ideson bapt 1739 Burnsall Yorks. If so his father came to London soon after, as Inman son of Robert & Hannah Ideson was bapt St James 1747, Robert Ideson = Esther Braithwaite 17.10.1754 St Paul Covt Gdn, Robert Ideson buried 21.1.1756 Westminster. There was also a John & Elizabeth Ideson in St James parish as early as…

Iliff, Edward Henry

Iliff (at Philomaths?) 3.10.1794 / Hubbard's 17.1.1795 / Powel's 17.3.1795 / 9.2.1796 meets / 12.2.1796 calls.
Edward Henry Iliff was baptised 18.4.1766 at St Clement Danes son of Thomas Iliff of Lincoln College, Oxford, curate of St Clement Danes, librarian of Westminster Abbey, and his wife Frances. Thomas Iliff of St Clement Danes = Mancetter, Warwicks 26.10.1763 Frances Needham otp by lic wits Francesca Stratford, Susanna Waldron. Thomas Iliff's will was proved 1803 formerly of Devereux Court, Strand and late of Dean's Yard, Westminster and mentioned his wife Frances, his sisters…


see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset
Imhose & Co artificial florist 38 Poland St 1790 Wakefield's directory / John Imhose from St Clements age 7 bur 4.4.1799 St Paul Covt Gdn / Edward Frederick Imhose engraver Lambeth 1849

Incledon, Charles

In Godwin's 1796 list for 1796 (crossed out) but not coded in GD website to his person record


25.2.1792 read Independence.
Not coded to anything. Must mean Charles Churchill's poem of that name (te0085)



Ingersol calls 9.8.1802 / 10.8.1802 dines
Bodleian Abinger c7 f128 was his letter of introduction to Godwin. Charles Jared Ingersoll Amer Nat Biog born 3.10.1782 died 14.5.1862

Ireland, Samuel

15.2.1796 Ireland's with Merry
Samuel Ireland DNB (d.1800). The Skakespear forgeries to which his son later confessed had been on show at his house at 8 Norfolk St Strand for a year, but evidence was beginning to mount against them


see Erving

Irving, Edward

HCR diary 10.6.1824 with Coleridge and large party at the Gillmans in Highgate
Edward Irving (DNB 1792-1834)


19.2.1794 una Italiana at Richard Johnson's / 2.11.1795 una Ita there
GD website has the second entry transcribed as una H?. "An Italian lady"