A-Z of Entries

Yoell, Yoel

12.5.1788 see Yoel (at or after Robinson's). Yoel Yoell watchmaker and finisher, Duke St, Aldgate took apprentices in 1785 and 1792 and at Portsea, Hants in 1796. There was also a Messrs Yuell & Co tailors of Bloomsbury in 1788 and a Yuel, Esq of Hart St, Bloomsbury who subscribed to Bell's Shakspere in 1788

Yorke, Henry Redhead

29.11.1795 at Bankes's, talk of Yorke's sentence

Henry Redhead Yorke DNB 1772-1813

Henry Redhead of Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn proposed Society for Constitutional Information 21.6.1793 by Thomas Symmons 2nded William Harwood

5.11.1793 joined Div 29 of LCS recently


Youens calls 18.5.1803

John Youens baker 14 Lambs Conduit St 1798 will PCC 1815 / John Youens bootmaker 56 Red Lion St 1811 will PCC 1841 / Mr Youens, Hampstead Rd 1803 / Youens master of ships for Hamburgh in 1790s / Miss Youens singer at Sadler's Wells 1793 / Samuel Youens tailor Greek St Soho bankrupt 1791 cert 1793 / PCC wills Ann Y spinster Temple 1832, John Y basketmaker Uxbridge 1832, Thomas Y baker Mayfair 1835, Thomas Y of Higham Kent 1838


8.3.1795 Young at Foulkes' / 28.9.1795 sup at mrs Johnston's, w. miss G(odwin); Young & Campbel / 18.10.1797 at Carlisle's / 12.12.1804 at Johnson's

I can't see now why I suggested Thomas Young DNB 1773 - 1829 for the above four entries, except that he was a surgeon who would have known Carlisle, and an interesting thinker who might have been at Johnson's. (Oct 1794 to Edinburgh, toured Scotland summer 1795, to Gottingen 1795 dissertation Gottingen July 1796, resided 6 terms at Cambridge 1797-9, "appears to have spent as much time as possible in London")

Farington's diary…

Young, Charles Mayne

HCR Diary

23.1.1822 at the Aders "Charles Young the tragedian was there - a very agreeable man - his manner gentlemanly - his conversation lively nor could he be suspected of being a player"

                 31.10.1822 at Aders "Ch: Young among others - he did not please me as before. He was loud even vociferous - his talk political commonplace - an effort at saying odd things, but his humour coarse"

                 19.12.1822 "at Aders to dinner - Young and the Pauncefotes there - the Lambs came at eight - I like Young less and less as I see more of him - The party…


25.10.1795 Younger breakfasts with Smith / 9.4.1796 Younger & Smith call / 23.5.1796 Younger & B arnes call / 26.5.1796 dine at Younger's with Fenwick & Sm(ith) / 6.6.1796 Smith & Younger breakfast / 21.6.1796 Smith breakfasts, Younger & Allen call / 22.6.1796 sup at Coal Hole with Smith Younger Fenwick Marshall & Kennedy / 30.6.1796 Younger & J Brown call / 29.7.1796 Younger & Merry call / 2.8.1796 dine at Younger's with WCBrown / 25.10.1796 Younger & WCBrown call / 25.11.1796 Carlisle's Lecture: Younger calls / 22.3.1797 Younger & Tobin call / 7.2.…

Yuell, Andrew

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 and also Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset

Andrew Yuell 18 Poland St ratebooks 1789-90 / Andrew Yuell 16 Batemans Buildings Soho ratebooks 1777 / Andrew Yuell taylor Poland St voted Hood 1790 / Andrew Yuell = St Martin in the Fields 24.2.1794 Mary Dobson botp wits Geo Gardner, Nichs Vincent / the will PCC 1808 gentleman of Chapel St Bedford Row, Middlesex may have been his

Zenobio, Alvise

Count Alvise Zenobio proposed Society for Constitutional Information 24.11.1786 by John Horne Tooke 2nded John Paradise

Alvise Zenobio 1757 -1817 from noble family of Verona & Venezia (the birthdate 1762 given on GD website probably based on obituary notice which said in 56th year but see Giormani & Torrens). Owned 3 votes in United Company of Merchants of England 1789. Member Soc for Encouragemt Arts, Manufactures Commerce 1789-1800. Sub 1785 to Maria (by Elizabeth Blower), 1789 to French translation of Sheridan's School for Scandal, 1793 to The Traditions by Mary Sherwood…


21.3.1809 sup at Topping's, w. M(ary) J(ane) & miss Zielske / 14.8.1811 sup at Topping's, w. M(ary) J(ane), Wele & miss Zieltske

Very likely Harriett dau. of Thomas Zielske a German pastrycook in Knightsbridge, his will PCC 1811. In 1808 she took an apprentice Mary Sayer premium £50 for 3 years, as a preceptoress of Cumming-st, Pentonville. From 1815 to 1825 she was at 15 Tavistock-sq (Land Tax). She died unmarried at Reading, her will PCC 1845. In 1809 she had three unmarried sisters, Amelia, Mary Ann and Caroline, and a married sister Sophia Chapman.

Zuccelli, Alessandro

Zuccelli 15.1.1797 adv at Twiss's

(Highfill, Burnim & Langhans) Alessandro Zuccelli dancer on London stage to 1785, dancing master 1786-92 at Willis's assembly rooms, 6 Berkeley St, Portman Sq, 75 High St Marybone, 12 Allsopps Bldgs New Rd Marybone