A-Z of Entries


HCR diary 23.2.1825 at Aders "a Frankfurter Mr Baff"

A Charles Baff of 48 Bell St, Paddington was insured SunFire 1815, and a Charles Baff was buried at Lambeth 27.10.1825 age 43, an Ann Baff of 9 Frances St, Kennington widow was insured SunFire 1826. No clear identification

Bage. Robert

Bage 14.6.1797 at Elford and Tamworth / 4.6.1800 write to Bage / 17.8.1800 adv Bages at Darwin's

Robert Bage DNB 1728?-1801. His workplace was at Elford. The GD website editors were clearly aware of this person but must have forgotten to give him a person record. See Godwin's letter Abinger c40 f180-1

Bagnall, Miss

miss Bagnal 11.11.1802 at R(aphael) Smith's


Bagster, Samuel

5.7.1808 call on Bagster / 3.9.1808 again / 19.9.1808 Bagster calls / 18.11.1809 call on Bagster / 4.1.1811 again / 8.3.1811 again / 15.3.1811 again / 6.3.1812 call on Bagster for Burr / 7.5.1813 call on Bagster / 15.5.1813 again / 10. 1 1815 again / 19.5.1818 again

Samuel Bagster 1772-1851 father George 1739-1820 baptist, mother Mary née Denton / apprenticed 1787 to Wm Otridge bookseller St Clement Danes premium £100 / married Emma Birch 1797 chn. Benjamin, Samuel, John, Jonathan, Cornelius Birch, Eunice, Augusta (= Holloway), Charlotte (= Tims) / took apprentice 1804 John Lepard…


Bailey 17.1.1795 at Powel's / 31.1.1795 again / 2.2.1795 at Thelwal's / 12.2.1795 at Gerald's / 11.5.1804 Bailey adv at R Taylor's / 1.8.1804 Bailey (Turk) at (Joseph) Johnson's / 17.1.1809 Bailey, athee calls / 30.6.1809 Bailey calls / 15.11.1812 Bailey at (Walking) Stewart's

Thanks Jon Mee for bringing Citizen Bailey to my attention (see comment below). The Friends of Liberty met at Shacklewell 20.7.1795, William Toone chairman, Joseph Burks secretary and Bailey delivered his lectures The White Devils Uncased, and Prince Brothers's Scarlet Devils Displayed, at sections 2 and 7 of…

Bailey, Mary

Joseph & Mary Godwin's eldest daughter Mary or Mary Ann. for baptism see Godwin, Joseph.
St Dunstan & All Saints Stepney 17.9.1798 John Bailey bachelor of this parish and of Ratcliff hamlet married Mary Ann Godwin spinster of same parish and hamlet by banns, witness John Godwin. Diary entry 17.9.1798 Mrs Bailey married
Mary Bailey was referred to in Ann Godwin's letters (Abinger c.4 f96-7 & c.5 f41 & c.5 f97). She appeared in the diary in addition to the Miss M G and Mary G entries from before her marriage, as M Bailey on 25.7.1799, 25.10.1799, 1.1.1800, 24.9.…

Bailey, Thomas

Thomas Bailey of Isleworth

Land Tax Isleworth 1793 TB £5 pa prop Mr Knevett / William s of Thos & Elizabeth Bailey born 7.1.1798 bapt 20.5.1798 Isleworth (Wm's widow Hannah 1843 settlement in Warwickshire) / Rosina Bailey otp sp (her mark) = 22.10.1805 Isleworth by banns William Butter otp bach / TB bur 2.8.1820 Isleworth / TB bur 4.1.1843 Isleworth

Bailey, Thomas (Hounslow)

Thomas Bailey of Hounslow plumped for Burdett

Land Tax 1802 Heston TB £4 pa prop Francis Collar / Albany Congregational Chapel, children of Thomas Bailey farrier in Old Brentford(blacksmith in 1793) & Sarah were Elizabeth bapt 28.12.1777 Sarah bapt 20.5.1779 Thomas bapt 9.2.1781 Anna Maria bapt 29.3.1787 Betsy bapt 1.2.1789 Jane bapt 5.7.1791 Emily bapt 19.12.1793 John Bolden bapt 6.7.1795

Bailey, William

William Bailey brazier of Holborn proposed 22.6.1792 by John Towill Rutt 2nded Joyce (Jeremiah or Joshua?). Active 1778-1780 in Society of Tradesmen for Protection of their Property against Felons. He married at St Mary's, Watford on 13.6.1782 Elizabeth dau of Samuel Whitfield (d.1774 will PCC), surgeon of Flamstead (Whuitehall Evening Post 13 - 15.6.1782). SunFire 1787 WB ironmonger, smith and brazier 15 Theobalds Rd, Holborn. (1784 with Samuel B who was insured 1780 brazier Brownlow St, Holborn). 1797 on vestry of St Giles (lost source). At the Old Bailey on 9.7.1800 he prosecuted his…


call on Baillie 29.11.1805  / 11.10.1818 Baillie dines / 30.11.1826 call on Baillie at Tower (adv Grimaldi). Grimaldi & Upcot / 7.12.1826 call on Baillie (Tower)

The first two entries above could well belong to Matthew Baillie DNB 1761-1823 who has a person record in the GD website but these two entries have been left uncoded. Particularly the first as it was followed by a call on Carlisle another medical man. I have not discovered who the Baillie at the Tower was but he was very probably an archivist or antiquary, Grimaldi was probably Stacey Grimaldi DNB 1790-1863 and Upcot…

Baillie, Matthew

16.3.1789 Dr Bailey & sisters at Miss Williams'. Baillie in Godwin's 1796 list for 1788 inserted above, and not in 1794 version, but miss Weston who was in 1794 version was left out of the 1796 list in the same place where Baillie was inserted. No Baillie in diary till 1789.

Matthew Baillie DNB 1761-1823, Joanna Baillie DNB 1762-1851 where is mentioned Agnes Baillie 1760-1861. Also there 31.7.1789 presumably Matthew and 12.2.1790 one or both of the sisters as part of plural 'Mes'


Bairds 23.4.1801 at Goldsmith's


2.3.1792 at Brand Hollis' / 26.8.1794 at Reveley's & Lowry / 20.12.1797 at Reveley's & Underwood / 1.2.1798 meet Baker / 18.4.1798 at Reveley's & Underwood / 26.7.1798 meet Underwood & Baker

Boyle's 1792 Sir Geo B MP 45 Jermyn St/ Wm MP 33 Hill St Berkeley Sq/ W P B 38 Portman Sq/ Capt B 4 Wimpole St/ Mrs B 3 Lower Grosvenor St/ Miss B 22 Edward St Portman Sq

Law List 1793 Robert Baker counsel 37 Southampton Bldgs Chancery La

Samuel Baker signed declaration of Friends to Liberty of Press 1792

Trials for Treason & Sedition vol 4 p398 testimony…

Baker, Joseph

Joseph Baker of Isleworth plumped for Burdett

Land Tax 1809, 1814 Isleworth Joseph Baker £40 pa prop Mrs Ansell / John s of Joseph Baker & Susanna bapt Isleworth 19.7.1807 / Sarah d of Joseph Baker gardener & Susanna bapt Isleworth 21.11.1813 / Joseph Baker bur 16.6.1832 Isleworth / probable son Joseph in censuses 1851, 1861, 1871 born c. 1795

Baker, Mrs

mrs Baker 8.6.1799 at E Reynolds'

Perhaps an actress but a common name (see Highfill, Burnim & Langhans)


Baker, Thomas

23.2.1810 write to Baker / 4.8.1810 again / 10.11.1810 again / 19.11.1810 Baker (Southampton) calls / 10.12.1810 write to Baker / 15.7.1811 again / 3.9.1811 call on Baker / 25.1.1812 write to Baker / 9.3.1812 again / 16.3.1812 again / 22.12,1812 again

Thomas Baker bookseller Southampton from 1767 to 1805 (bbti) and Baker & Fletcher booksellers High-st Southampton (Holdens directory 1811).  Thomas Baker's will PCC 1806 so this was probably his eldest son Thomas. On 2.9.1811 Godwin was at Cowes, Isle of Wight, took a packet, and dined at Stow, then on 3.9.1811 saw Castle &…


28.10.1810 sup at Collier's, w. Bakewel &c / 30.12.1810 Colliers, Bakewel &c dine / 4.5.1834 mrs Gaskell & Bakewel au soir (not seen) / 28.5.1834 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c / 17.6.1834 mrs Gaskel & Bakewel call / 5.7.1835 dine at Gaskel's, w. Bakewel &c

Holdens directory 1811 (only Bakewell entry) Robert Bakewell mineral & land surveyor, 11 Bury-st St James. SunFire 1824 Robert Bakewell 9 Torrington-sq Keppel-st gent. Robert Bakewell of Hampstead will PCC 1843. DNB 1767-1843. Note Bakewll's youngest son was named Frederick Collier born 1800, and his…

Bakewell, Benjamin

Benjamin Bakewell of Cornhill proposed 30.3.1792 by James West 2nded John Farnell Tuffin. Family details from Ancestry user-submitted tree are slightly contradictory and I haven't checked all sources. Apparently born 1.8.1767 of Joseph & Sarah (nee Woodhouse? or nee Cartwright?) and died 19.2.1844 Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He certainly was admitted to Drapers Coy London by redemption 20.3.1792 as son of Joseph, grocer of Derby, deceased. Lowndes 1792 BB linen draper 5, Cornhill. (Sun Fire 1791 there) 1792 BB of Cornhill life member of Unitarian Socy.. Thomas son of Benjamin Bakewell &…

Bakewell, William

William Bakewell of Burton on Trent proposed 22.6.1792 by Benjamin Bakewell 2nded John Horne Tooke. WB of Burton subscr 1787 to poems of Elizabeth Smith, Birmingham. WB subscr 1789 to Abraham Bennet's New Experiments on Electricity. WB of Burton subscr 1790 to Edward Harwood's Discourses on St Paul. WB member of Unitarian Society 1792. According to Ancestry user-submitted tree (unchecked by me) he was older brother of Benjamin Bakewell (qv), was born 19.7.1762, and married 22.2.1786 Lucy Green (d.1804), went to USA in 1802 on "General Mercer", married 2ndly 10.12.1805 Rebecca Smith at 2nd…

Balam, Mrs

call with M(ary) J(ane) on mrs Balam 29.1.1805 (after calling on Mary Lamb)

A Mrs Balam nurse at Enfield was mentioned March 1800 in an Old Bailey trial. There were several families in Tottenham, Enfield and Edmonton of smiths and farmers named Balam