A-Z of Entries

Annis, William Thomas

Annis calls 15.3.1802 / 10.4.1802 again / 3.5.1802 at RA exhibition / 19.5.1802 calls / 21.5.1802 again / 6.7.1802 again / 28.1.1805 again / 11.2.1805 again / 29.4.1805 at RA exhibition / 22.4.1806 meet S Burnel & Webb adv. Annis / 5.5.1806 Annis (Wilkie) at RA exhibition / 4.5.1807 Annis at RA exhibition

William Thomas Annis painter exhibited landscapes at the Royal Academy 1799-1800 from 46 Poland St, 1801 from 47 Poland St, 1802 & 1806 from Church Row Hampstead, !810-11 from High St Hampstead. He published in 1802 a mezzotint engraving by himself after John Opie of Mary…


22.7.1796 water party at B Gurney's Wroxham

possible John Ansell plumber of Norwich will Norwich 1827 Common Council &c 1798-1818

see Cabble

Ansell, George

George Ansell Esq of Lambert St, Goodmans Fields proposed 11.5.1792 by John Farnell Tuffin 2nded William Sharpe of Leadenhall St (probably him, and not the engraver William Sharpe, as Tuffin had proposed WS of Leadenhall St the previous month).

Sugar refiner with partner Robert Dewes SunFire 1793 77 Lambeth St, Goodmans Fields / Lease 1795 Rupert Ally (Whitechapel?) / lease 1796 Goodmans Fields / SunFire 1803 Osborn St Whitechapel / lease 1806 John St Minories / lease 1811 Hackney Grove / SunFire 1821 Osborne St, Whitechapel. Steward of Revolution Society 1791.Subscr £2.11s for…


adv (Anspach) 16.2.1805 at theatre

Elizabeth DNB 1750-1828 wife of Christian Frederick Charles Alexander margrave of Brandenburg-Anspach-Bayreuth who died 5.1.1806


Anstey 5.3.1798 at Pump-room, Bath with col Barry & Warner

Either Christopher Anstey DNB 1724-1805 or one of his sons, John DNB 1757-1819 poet and barrister


Anthony, John

24.1.1789 Anthony at Hollis' and 14.9.1790 there. Also 11.11.1795 yg Anthonies, 25.11.1795, 18.4.1796 WA, 19.5.1796, 21.11.1796, 14.11.1797 and 19.4.1798. John Anthony married Timothy Hollis's niece Hannah, sister of John Hollis. His will (PCC 1800 gent of Beaconsfield) mentions his children William and Elizabeth, brothers Charles and Samuel and sister Susanna Montgomery


Appleford, William

William Appleford of Richmond. Wm of Wm & Amey A bapt 11.3.1792 Richmond, Edwd of same bapt 6.10.1793 there, Saml of same bapt 23.3.1795 there, Thos of same bapt 15.4.1797 there / Wm A bach otp = 25.10.1789 St Mary Ealing Amy Wise sp otp by banns / Wm A bur 14.4.1813 Richmond age 47 of George St / 1841 census 45 Botten Place Richmond Wm Appleford age 45 shoemaker Sarah A age 50


Arabins 28.1.1798 at (Horne) Tooke's (Arabin in Godwin's 1796 list) / 15.2.1800 Arabin jr at opera

Likely to have been William John Arabin (will PCC 1829 general) and his son William St Julien Arabin (will PCC 1842 serjeant of law). William John Arabin married in Dublin (Morning Chronicle 1.2.1777 "a few days ago") Henrietta dau of Sir Capel Molyneux, bart. Their dau Mary Elizabeth was baptised 1.7.1777 at St Martin in the Fields (her will PCC 1847 of West Drayton) His mother Jane Mary Arabin widow will PCC 1780. Arabin was divorced in 1789 after his wife's trial for adultery which…

Arbuthnot, John

30.5.1796 at Joseph Fawcett's (Greek letters for Know Thyself), Arbuthnot

John Arbuthnot DNB 1667-1735, friend of Swift Pope & Gay, wrote a poem 'Know Thyself' in 1734


Arch 3.7.1800 at Colles's (in Ireland) / 17.12.1801 Arch's at Lamb's / 20.5.1805 Arch at Lamb's / 26.9.1809 call on Arch / 16.11.1809 again / 17.6.1812 again / 18.6.1812 again

The only examples of the name Arch I found in Ireland were John Arch born 1748 Dublin and Nicholas Arch married 1773 Dublin. As with Tobin, Hume, Higgins, Ridgway and Johnson I reckon the GD website coding of those names in Ireland to Godwin's friends of those names in England is unconvincing, but If Colles was the bookseller Isaac Colles (which is just one possibility, see Colles) then perhaps the Arch in…


27.7.1789 Archer at Robinson's / 2.7.1802 call with Philips on Archer/ 19.2.1812 write to Archer & Moore, Dublin.

1789 entry perhaps and 1812 entry probably John Archer Dublin bookseller (Dublin Book Trades) as many of Robinson's guests were Dublin publishers (White, Jenkins, Potts). The 1802 entry was probably Jasper Archer (see Miller for why). A Jasper Archer of St Ann Aldersgate haberdasher married Ann Howard there 20.3.1768. A Jasper Archer son of William of Carpenters Company was apprenticed 7.8.1759 to Thomas Hassell of Skinner's Company, he was baptised 5.5.1745 at…


Aris at Jennings' / 16.7 miss Aris at Newgate with Jennings's / 19.7 miss A at Holcroft's (with Reveleys) / 4.8 Aris's at Jennings' / 19.12 Aris adv at Jennings' / 28.12 Mrs Aris adv at Foulkes' / 25.2.95 & 2.3 miss Aris calls (& mrs Jennings) / 7.4 Aris's at Foulkes' / 11.5 at Foulkes' adv Mrs Aris, miss Winal, Donovan & miss Hts

I looked at a number of Aris families including the printers of Birmingham, and I researched in detail the family of Thomas Aris, governor of Cold Bath Fields prison, something of a hate figure for radicals in the late 1790s and 1800s, who…


meet Armety 12.3.1801


19.10.1810 dine at St Paul's, w. Bonnycastle,  Armiger &c

Probably Thomas Jeremiah Armiger 1781-1844 surgeon, directory 1805 Lothbury, directory 1811 Woolwich (where Bonnycastle was Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Military Academy). In 1811 he became surgeon and accoucheur to the Eatern Dispensary, London and surgeon to the Duke of Kent. In 1827 he became a surgeon to the London Hospital

Armitage, John

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

John Armitage ratebooks 9 Poland St 1782 / John Armitage upholder of Poland St voted Fox 1784, listed in Bailey's directory 1785 / (from Ancestry user-submitted tree John s of John & Mary Armitage b 4.4.1740 Westminster = 12.12.1769 at St Lawrence Jewry to Mary Bradbury, their children William John b 1770 d 1833, Charles b 1773, Mary Helen b 1776 = John Isaac & d 1828, Eleanor b 1778 = Thomas Stockdale & d 1842) / (John Armitage upholder Long Acre bankrupt 1776, premises for sale, certificate 1777 / 1781…


4.10.1793 Mrs Armstrong adv at Jennings / 6.10.1793 Armstrong at Holcroft's / 5.11.1794 at Perry's / 11.1.1795 at Holcroft's / 23.11.1795 at House of Commons / 3.1.1796 at theatre / 16.5.96 at Debrett's / 4.12.1796 at Holcroft's (& Ballandine) / 9.1.1797 at Debrett's.

May have been John Armstrong DNB 1771-97 who was listed by Anthony Pasquin as the theatre critic of the Morning Chronicle who would therefore have been in context at Perry's and the theatre, and probably wrote political reports as well, hence Debrett's and the House of Commons. However according to the DNB he died…

Armstrong, William

see Poland Street number not known in London Addresses dataset

Wm Armstrong SunFire 1779 hairdresser Henrietta St, Cavendish Sq / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1781 hairdresser King St Golden sq / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1782 hairdesser Poland St / (Wm Armstrong SunFire 1785 Great Castle St, Oxford St / Wm Armstrong SunFire 1786 Titchfield St Soho) / SunFire 1789 John Chappell hairdresser Margate, other property near the Pier, Margate (Wm Armstrong, hairdresser) / will PCC 18.11.1817 William Armstrong hairdresser St Marylebone / Elizabeth dau of William & Elizabeth Armstrong bapt 17.7.1775…

Armsworth, James

James Armsworth of Twickenham /. Land Tax 1805 Harmsworth Twickenham. / Will PCC 1814 Matthew Armswoth or Harmsworth of Twickenham, wife Mary (formerly Hardy), due under will of John Davis Esq Matthew H = 16.6.1811 Isleworth Mary Hardy / James Harmsworth bach = 4.6.1769 Twickenham Rachel Rogers sp by banns

Arnett, Charles

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

Charles Arnott 36 Poland St ratebooks 1787-9 / Charles Arnett tobacconist Poland St Bailey's directory 1790 / Charles Arnett tobacconist Oxford St voted Fox 1790 / Charles Arnatt tobacconist Oxford St voted Fox 1802 / Nat Arch C 13/24/8 Charles Arnett v John Smith Chancery suit 1803 (not seen) / Charles Arnott tobacconist Oxford St voted Paull 1806 / will PCC Charles Arnett tobacconist 355 Oxford St dated 10.9.1807 proved 7.2.1812 mentioned wife Mary sons Charles & Henry, daus Eulielia, Selina, Ann, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth /…

Arnold, Richard

Richard Arnold of Richmond bur 22.5.1832 Richmond age 77 of Michells Almshouses / Elizabeth of Richard & Elizabeth Arnold bapt 8.1.1788 Richmond / Eliz A bur 8.12.1816 there age 49 of Pensioners Alley / Charles Albion of James & Elizabeth Arnold bapt 22.11.1818 Richmond waterman Friars Lane