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Arnold, Thomas James

HCR diary 26.11.1826 at Lamb's - Arnold nephew of Ayrton and Moxon

                   24.12.1836 "to the Aders wher I found young Arnold and his wife - I had seen him at Ayrton's and Lamb's but was not aware how impertinent and rude a young man he is. I know not when I have seen so offensive a man. He is a nephew of the late Mrs Ayrton".

Thomas James Arnold (DNB 1803-1877) son of Samuel James Arnold (DNB 1774-1852) who was son of Samuel Arnold (DNB 1740-1802). William Ayrton (DNB 1777-1858) married Marianne, daughter of Samuel Arnold. Marianne Ayrton was buried 1.2.1836 from…


in May and June 1798 Arnot appeared 19 times in Godwin's diary, lastly on 13.6.1798 ppc (pour prendre conge, a leavetaking), From 9.4.1799 to 17.3.1801 there were 17 mentions of letters to and from Arnot or his manuscripts and journals, also in this period there were four mentions of Capt Arnot (15.12.1799 to 30.12.1799) and on 12.6.1800 mrs Arnot & Lucy call. Then from 3.11.1802 to 15.12.1802 Arnot appeared 15 times and again from 13.6.1803 to 12.8.1804 he appeared 40 times, most of these were calls. On 20.7.1805 seek Dickins (pro Arnot). Then from 4.8.1810 to 30.12.1811 Godwin wrote…

Arnot, Henry

Henry Arnot at Swedenborgian conference 1791committee, Keighley


15.7.1796 mes Temple & Arthur at Raven's

Thomas Arthur married Jane Reeve at Foulsham 1764


Arthur, William

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

William Arthur 23 Poland St (Kings Arms) ratebooks 1777-81 / will London Consistory Court of William Arthur victualler of St James dated 29.10.1779 mentioned wife Elizabeth son Richard proved 6.11.1779 (he died 1.11.1779) witness John Woodley / William Arthur = St James 19.6.1776 Elizabeth Patchen botp by banns wits John Phillips, Jno Lomas / Richard son of William & Elizabeth Arthur born 6.2.1779 bapt St James 21.2.1779 / see Warren, Alexander for his widow's marriage


Ash 15.11.1804 at H Rowan's / call on Ash 20.5.1808 / 21.5.1808 again / 31.5.1808 again / 7.6.1808 Ash calls / 14.6.1808 meet Ash / 18.6.1808 Ash calls / 9.7.1808 again / 8.8.1808 again / 24.9.1808 again / 22.10.1808 again / 25.10.1808 meet Ash / 15.3.1809 Ash calls / 11.9.1809 again / 16.5.1811 again / 2.8.1811 again

Dr Edward Ash died 29.3.1829 age 65 (Monk's Roll). Godwin wrote a description of his symptoms dated 21.5.1808 (Bodleian Abinger c10 f64-5) that gave Ash's address as Argyll St. Holdens directory 1811 Dr Ash, MD, 11 Argyle-st. Only the first entry above was likely to…


Ashburnham 29.7.1798 at Horne Tooke's / 11.3.1824 write to E of Ashburnham

John Ashburnham 2nd Earl of Ashburnham died 1812. This was perhaps his son George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl who died 1830, as Godwin was more likely to have written to someone he had once met. See his son George 1785-1813 Hist of Parl & Farington diary

Ashmore. Thomas

Thomas Ashmore junior of King St, Cheapside proposed 7.3.1794 by Thomas Wardle 2nded Stewart Kyd. Sun Fire 1792 TA, TA jr, John Keeling & Nathaniel Laing 32 King St Cheapside warehousemen. Probably not the same as Thomas Ashmore gent of Swithins Lane Sun Fire 1780, banrupt merchant of Swithins La 1797 cert 1798 divs 1805, 1808, nor the same as TA Esq of Powis Pl = Liverpool 1819 will PCC 1856 of Bolton St Piccadilly. A Thomas Ashmore of Farringdon Ward without was listed in game certs 1809. Perhaps TA sr, warehouseman, was the TA bur 10.10.1800 Hackney age 68 and perhaps TA jr was…

Ashpinshaw, John

John Ashpinshaw at conference 17.4.1789 / John Ashpinshaw otp bach = 8.12.1757 by lic St Botolph Aldgate Sarah Locke sp of St Helen London minor / John A of John & Sarah, Castle St, St Mary Whitechapel bapt 14.6.1761 /  Lydia A of John & Sarah, Kirby St, St Andrew Holborn bapt 10.2.1771 /  will PCC 13.10.1798 John A whitesmith of Leather Lane Holborn dated 1..7.1795 wife Sarah sons Joseph, Thomas / Rev John Aspinshaw of Notts d.1851 his son? /  SunFire 1834 John A 3 New Russel St, Bedford St, Commercial Rd, gent / In Thale p302, 410n, 429 there was an Aspinshaw in the London…


Askins 31.7.1797 at Sadler's Wells

Mr Askins (Highfill, Burnim & Langhans) a one-legged ventriloquist from Staffordshire at Sadler's Wells theatre from 1796


16.11.1809 call on Asperne

James Asperne bookseller 32 Cornhill from 1806 to 1822 (bbti)


20.6.1809 Aspin calls

Probably Jehoshaphat Clement Aspin bapt 22.5.1775 St John Clerkenwell of Jehoshaphat & Hannah; printer, engraver & cartographer 7 Lombard-st 1799, 48 Percival-st Clerkenwell 1817-30 (bbti), married 13.7.1799 at Holborn, Amelia Elizabeth Pewtner, 2ndly Sarah Key 1801 Bermondsey 3rdly Elizabeth Lee 1829 Milton-next-Gravesend 4thly 1836 Ann Wright at Islington. She also predeceased him. 1818 joined Domatic Masonic Lodge, 1819 A Systematic Analysis of Universal History from the Creation to the present time, presenting a Compendium of History, Geography,…

Aspinall, James

James Aspinall of Norfolk St, gent proposed 9.3.1792 Michael Bush 2nded John Lodge Batley. Attorney, partner of Michael Bush & Joseph Neeld at 31 Norfolk St /. JA of St Geo Mx articled to Major Wright (will PCC 1818) of Torrington St 1790. 1808 JA attorney 5 Quality Court, Chancery Lane SunFire 1820 there


25.1.1811 dine at Johnson's, w. Aspland &c / 23.6.1824 call on Aspland

Very likely Robert Aspland DNB 1782-1845, Unitarian minister at Gravel Pit Chapel, Hackney

Asser, James

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

James Asser 51 Poland St ad 23.6.1781 late pupil of Bernard Scale land surveyor of Gt Warley Essex / appr 1774 for 7 yrs to Bernard Scale land surveyor of Mangroves Essex / James Asser won Society of Arts silver pallet / James Asser = St Martin in the Fields 3.7.1780 Elizabeth Penny, their daus Elizabeth bapt 27.5.1781 Richmond, Ann bapt 30.4.1782 Endell St Lying-in Hospital / James Asser survey of Green Park 1785 (Nat Arch MPD 1/54/1) / James Asser member SEAMC up to 1793 / (he may have been the James Asser gent of…


Assey 9.12.1799 at Carlisle's

The memoir of William Nicholson DNB 1753-1815 by his son William (Bodleian MSS Don d.175, e.125) p.32 mentioned Mr Assey studying and living in Carlisle's house (c 1803) who later distinguished himself in India by great attainments in oriental languages. Charles Chorston Assey died 21.3.1821 age 41, his will PCC 1821 surgeon EICS Bengal. Will of John Assey surgeon of Beccles, Suffolk PCC 1798 was perhaps his father


write to Astle 13.1.1803

Probably Thomas Astle DNB 1735-1803

Astley, Jacob

18.7.1796 dine at J Astley's with H Astley. Astleys appear in 1796 in Godwin's 1796 list but the entry isn't coded to Jacob Astley's person record in GD website.

Harwood's friend and Norfolk MP Jacob Astley, whom Harwood later insulted at an election meeting (see Bury and Norwich Post 30.3.1803), and probably his wife Hester. See History of Parliament for Jacob Astley and his father Edward. Their seat at Melton Constable was near to Godwin's mother's house at Dalling.

Atchison, Robert

Robert Atchison born 29.6.1768 bapt New Jerusalem 19.10.1788  / Helen of Robert & Helen Atchison of ChristChurch Southwark born 12.10.1796 bapt 22,1,1797 New Jerusalem / 4.10.1795 St Giles Cripplegate = Ellen Goulding


28.3.1795 Atkins's adv at Adams' / 25.9.1799 Astley's w. Fell; Atkins & Demon's Tribunal / 2.12.1807 miss Atkins calls, F Buildings / 25.2.1809 mrs Atkins at S Beresford's

Mr Atkins at Astley's was a ventriloquist, according to the Oracle of 6.7.1799 Astley engaged him for 12 nights at a fee of 100 guineas, but he appeared at Astleys all summer until October when the company went to Dublin. Highfill, Burnim & Langhans have Michael Atkins d.1812 Dublin & William Atkins 1763-1831 singer & actor Drury Lane but no mention of ventriloquism and he was probably neither of…