A-Z of Entries

Atkins, Miss

2.12.1807 miss Atkins,calls,  F Buildings

F Buildings was likely Featherstone-buildings, Holborn. Because at this point Godwin was seeing the actors in his forthcoming play Faulkener, she may possibly have had a minor role in it. Otherwise I could not identify her


26.4.1808 Atkinson adv. at Phillips / 1.5.1808 dines at Philips's / 1.6.1810 adv. (at Phillips? or Surr's? or Godwin's?)

Very common name, 74 entries in London Trades 1811 (only one from book trades, Edw. Atkinson, printer, 2 Greystock-pl, Fetter-la / one schoolmaster Geo. Atkinson, academy, 105 Fenchurch-st) and 37 entries in the Court directory. Just possibly Joseph Atkinson DNB 1743-1818 playwright Godwin may have met in Ireland in 1800 (see my entry for Atkinson, Capt.). Or William Atkinson DNB 1774/5-1839 architect or John Augustus Atkinson DNB 1774x6-1830 painter &…

Atkinson, Capt

capt Atkinson 3.7.1800 at Curran's / 8.7.1800 calls there (not in) / 15.7.1800 Godwin calls on him (not in)

Joseph Atkinson Dict Irish Biog c1743-1818 Captain, poet & dramatist, friend of Thomas Moore. His address in 1800, along with John Atkinson, was Usher's Island, Dublin

Attwell, William

SWEDENBORGIANS:  All bapt 21.6.1789 New Jerusalem / William Attwell born 10.5.1760 of William & Ann / Elizabeth Attwell born 20.2.1761 of Joseph & Elizabeth Child / William Attwell born 1.3.1782 of William & Elizabeth Attwell

William Attwell marr 16.4.1781 St James Piccadilly Elizabeth Child. See entry for William Child / Mrs Anne Atwell bur 21.11.1811 age 84 Bunhill Fields her will PCC 1811 widow of Knightsbridge (Michael Atwell = Shoreditch 27.5.1766 Ann Wane)


Atty 29.12.1799 at Lanesborough's

James Atty of Whitby (sailmaker Sun Fire 1781) his will PCC 1814 married Hannah dau of Robert Middleton in 1768. They had three sons / James 1768-1816 married Catherine sister of Rev Robert Hall / Robert Middleton 1770-1833 of 55 Devonshire St, St Marylebone Land Tax 1798, who married 24.11.1807 Margaret Ann Lucy Willes / and George 1772-1797 unmarried Alum Cantab. The presence of miss Middleton at the same dinner makes the identification more likely


Aubert, jr 25.8.1801 at Cts (= future mrs Godwin)

Audley, John

John Audley of Cambridge proposed 6.2.1784 by Michael Pearson 2nded John Jebb.  Born 16.7.1750 and bapt 2.1.1750 St Ives, Hunts, independent, of John & Eliz Audley.  JA woolstapler, Cambridge Oct 1765 4% annuities (source lost) took apprs 1771, 1784 (Nat Arch IR/1),. JA Cambridge subscr 1777 to Poems of John Auther. His father's will PCC 1779 Cambridge. JA Cambridge associator 1780 (see London Evening Post 9.3.1780 &c). JA Cambridge subscr 1781 to John Locke publ Cambridge.subscr 1782 to John Moxon's Agreeable Companion subscr 1784 tos Stephen Addington's Life of Paul subscr 1788…


9.3.1796 Austin at Newton's / 16.2.1798 Austin at Chandler's / 20.12.1802 calls on Godwin (not in) / 31.12.1802 calls / 11.1.1803 calls (not in) / 2.2.1803 calls /25.3.1803 calls / 11.4.1803 meet / 30.4.1803 calls / 22.5.1803 dines at Godwin's / 25.5.1803 calls / 23.1.1819 call on Austin for Hazlitt / 18.2.1819 mrs Austin at Snow's / 9.7.1821 Austin adv at Joseph Godwin's / 12.5.1834  5 Austins at Gaskell's

A possible candidate for the 1798 entry at Chandler's, because Chandler was an artist, would have been William Austin DNB 1721? or 1733-1820. He exhibited at the RA 1776 from a…

Austin, John

John Austin bapt 10.12.1797 Cross St Hatton Gdn Swedenborgian

Austin, Sarah

HCR diary 16.2.1826 "after dinner to Austin's"

                    25.11.1828 at Mrs Aders' "she gave me an account of Mrs Austin which surprised me but which Sutton Sharpe has confirmed viz: that her intimacies with several men had even injured her reputation and that Mrs Aders gave no credit to the reports yet Sharpe from Goff does"

                    16.11.1833  "N.B. called on Hayward he talked freely about Mrs A: It seems Pr: was her lover and that Hellar is a cast off lover. But I doubt all this".

These entries probably referred to Sarah Austin nee Taylor (DNB…

Avery, John

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

John Avery 33 Poland St ratebooks 1785-7 / Gazetteer 28.1.1789 executors of John Avery deceased sell properties on south side of Oxford St nr Pantheon & at 4 Chesterfield St / John son of John & Sarah Avery bapt St James 31.10.1771 / John Avery adult bur St James 26.12.1802 / probably not the organ builder (see Grove's Dictionary of Music &c) who was however an interesting character see next para

London Gazette 18.11.1775 John Avery organ builder of St George Bloomsbury bankrupt, Public Advertiser 17.1.1776…

Axtell, Elizabeth Amy

miss Axtel 29.7.1799 sups at Godwin's with H G / 2.5.1800 sups at Godwin's with H G / 7.1.1800 dines at Fell's with Godwin, M,F,M,L & LJ / 29.10.1800 H G & Axtel at tea.

Elizabeth Amy Axtell was bound to Hannah Godwin on 16.1.1799 (IR1/37). She married John Calow at St James Clerkenwell on 16.8.1801 and was buried at St Pancras 3.12.1842 age 65.


Ayrton, William

see Arnold, Thomas James (QV*)

B Mm

call on Ellis B Mm Philips 19.9.1803

GD website has B Mm Philips uncoded, but B Mm was short for British Museum where Ellis worked, and Philips should be coded to Richard Phillips DNB 1767-1840


see Blue Posts


"story of B.F." perhaps connected to "M to the papers" 8.2.91 see that entry


HCR diary 13.2.1823  Babingtons at a musical party at Aders

                    15.1.1829 at Aders "the Babington family including Mr Peel - a clergyman"

                      3.5.1829 "at Aders - Mrs A: is suffering from Erisipalus very severe pain; but Dr Babington says with no danger to life - Green was of the opinion that the brain was affected"

                     11.7.1836 the Babbingtons at Mrs Aders' "blue stocking party"

                      7.1.1840 (Tuesday) "promised to call on Dr Babbington" 8.1.1840 "called on Dr Babbington. He seemed to know me…


call on Bachelor 2.3.1804

Coming between calls on Richard Wordsworth attorney and Joslyn at Doctors Commons, this could have been some legal official but I found none in the 1800 Law List of that name, the nearest to that I found was William Batchelor a watchman of Smithfield in 1811 (Old Bailey Online)

Bacon, John

John Bacon 44 Watling St joined 28.5.1794 the "unnumbered division" (QV)

No good identification yet.
SunFire 1790 John Bacon & William Steddall merchants 19 King St, Cheapside
Holdens directory 1805 John Bacon 19 King St Cheapside Irish linen warehouse
SunFire 1809 John Bacon 19 King St Cheapside
Morning Post 18.8.1801 Capt John Bacon, Hon. Artillery Co.

44 Watling St
Daily Advertiser 27.10.1778 Mr Elmer 44 Watling St (Stephen Elmer of Farnham, Surrey 1770 Society of Artists 1776 Royal Academy. Trades directory 1784 Richard Elmer merchant)…

Bacon, John

10.12.1795 Godwin calls on / then no Bacon till 1822

see letter from Samuel Parr to Godwin (Abinger c.2  f.136-7) dated 16.12.1795. John Bacon DNB 1740-1799 was working on the sculpture of Dr Samuel Johnson in St Paul's cathedral for which Dr Samuel Parr had written the inscription. Parr asked Godwin to check on it for him