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Baldrey, Joshua Kirby

CURRENT TEXT "Baldrey must have been a widower when on"
SUGGESTED CHANGE <Baldrey was already a widower when on 17 February 1795 he married Elizabeth Parsons, spinster, at St George's, Hanover Square. She was buried at Cambridge on 14 September 1806 aged 42. On>
CURRENT TEXT "left a large family."
SUGGESTED CHANGE <left a large family; three children were baptised at Cambridge and eight more on 3 May 1829 at Hatfield, a few months after their father's death.>


HCR DIARY 25.1.1832 the Aders gave a The Dansant at Willis Rooms "Many of the company were in fancy dresses - The two Miss Baldwins as ladies of the time of Geo II one being supposed to be Lady Grandison - the other in the actual dress of the great grandmother of Mrs Baldwin" "I chatted with .... Baldwin"

                     2.12.1839 "Camberwell friends,,,, I lunched with the Baldwins"

                     24.5.1844 "wrote notes on that account to ..... and Mrs Baldwin" (meaning the Aders financial troubles in Italy)

Charles Baldwin (DNB 1774-1869) newspaper…

Ball, Charles

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: Charles Ball of Dublin proposed member 6.6.1783 by John Horne Tooke at request of secretary Thomas Yeates 2nded John Jebb, SCI received letter 1784 from Mr Ball of Dublin

GODWIN DIARY: Ball 5.8.1800 dines at Carlow / 31.1.1802 at Wycombe's, with Curran / 23.1.1805 call on Ball (Giltspur)  GD website has Gittshur but see original / 1.2.1805 call on Ball with Wordsworth / 21.3.1817 at Curran's (from Rome) / 6.10.1823 at Bacon's / 21.1.1833 Balls at Martin's

Charles Ball, Trinity Coll Dublin 1772, Lincolns Inn 1776 BA 1780 called to Irish…

Ball, Daniel

Daniel Ball of Richmond, plumped for Burdett, had 3 shares in Mill.

Danil Ball (his mark) = 24.11.1778 Richmond by banns Hannah Parrott (her mark) wits John Morse (his mark) Ann Ball (her mark) / Daniel s of DB & Hannah bapt 24.2.1782 Richmond bur age 77 Richmond 25.1.1859 / William s of DB & Hannah bapt 14.12.1783 Richmond / John s of DB & Hannah bapt 14.11.1785 Richmond / David s of Daniel Ball sawyer of Water Lane & Sarah bapt Richmond 1824 their dau Maria born c 1816, sawyer of Kew Road bapts 1826 and 1830, 1841 census sawyer Chads Alley Richmond, 1851 census…

Ball, John

SWEDENBORGIANS:  John Ball was in the printed list 7.12.1788 of 77 people. John Bail was bapt 25.12.1788 New Jerusalem and Phebe Bail of Benjamin & Elizabeth was bapt there 29.3.1795.

Rev John Ball minister of Jewry St Chapel died 3.4.1811 buried Bunhill Fields11.4.1811 age 42 of Commercial Rd. Surman Index born 1770 Windsor, Berks, at Mile End Academy under Stephen Addington (who was ther 1783-1790) Plunkett St Dublin 1789, Westburey, Wilts 1792-7 Jewry St 1801-1811. SunFire 1807 Benjamin Ball gent 4 Mitford Pl, Tott Ct Rd 1817-1820 gent 3 Winckworth Pl, City Rd

Ball, Nicholas

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset

Nicholas Ball ratebooks 10 Batemans Buildings 1783 "gone to Lisson Green and promises to call and pay" / Lieut Nicholas Ball was adjutant of 92nd foot to 1783, then on half pay to 1785 when he joined 6th foot, was perhaps the Mr Nicholas Ball of Chester who drowned in Nova Scotia (Whitehall Evening Post 9.9.1790)

Ballard, Charles

Charles Ballard of Richmond plumped for Burdett

Charles son of John & Elizabeth Ballard bapt Richmond 15.1.1781 / Charles s of CB soldier of Workhouse & Hannah born 2.7.1816 bapt 16.7.1816 Richmond / William s of CB labourer & Hannah born 12.5.1818 bapt 14.6.1818 Kingston / Samuel s of CB labourer & Hannah born 5.7.1820 bapt 13.8.1820 Kingston / George s of CB labourer & Hannah born 15.8.1822 bapt 8.9.1822 Kingston / Catherine dau of CB labourer of Kew Road & Hannah born 24.9.1826 bapt 15.1.1826 Richmond / CB age 46 of Pensioners Alley bur 10.1.1827 Richmond…

Ballard, Theophilus Green

John Ballard = Chelmsford, Essex 27.5.1765 Sukey Lobb botp
Sukey Lobb born 1745 was the daughter of Richard Lobb and his wife (and first cousin) Frances née Greene. Richard was the son of Stephen Lobb 1676-1720 chaplain of Penzance Castle and his wife Gratiana née Pendar. Frances was the daughter of John Greene of Chelmsford and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Lobb (DNB d.1699) and sister of Stephen Lobb of Penzance Castle and of Theophilus Lobb (DNB 1678-1763). Sukey's mother Frances had a sister Elizabeth Greene who married James Buckland (1712-1790) in 1734, and a brother…

Ballen, Miss

25.3.1796 miss Ballen at John King's with Este, Rogers, Gordon  / 8.4.1796 miss Ballen at John King's with Rogers, Este / 30.4.1796 at theatre: Este, Ritson & miss Parrs with miss Ballen

Noticeably each time with the Rev Charles Este. (Note I previously described Rev Charles Este here as "an unmarried literary parson". Not sure why I thought he was unmarried. In fact he had married Cordelia Croft in 1775 and they had at least five children who survived infancy. She died in 1828 a few months before he did. For information about their oldest son Charles Edward see boston1775.…

Balmanno, John

SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION: John Balmanno jr of Spital Sq proposed member 11.5.1792 by Michael Pearson, 2nded by Wm Sharpe. Michael Pearson was his father's partner. In 1793 Balmanno proposed Stewart Kyd.

GODWIN DIARY:16.12.1792 Belmano at Holcroft's and 17.2.1793 there, 14.10.1793 at Thelwal's, 9.2.1794 at Tooke's and 1.11.1794 at Hardy's trial.

John Balmanno of Exeter College  Oxford only son of John B of Spital Sq surgeon, admitted Inner Temple 12.11.1790, matriculated Dec 1794 age 25 (Alum Ox). Baptised 27.9.1769 Whitechapel, Middlesex of John & Jane.…

Banck, Thomas

Thomas Banck of Richmond plumped for Burdett

Mary dau of Thomas & Sarah Bank bapt Richmond 9.9.1787 / William son of Thomas & Sarah Banck born 18.9.1785 bapt Richmond 13.10.1795 / Land Tax redemption Richmond 1798 Thos Bank occ, Eliz Bank prop / Thomas Banck age 7 bur Richmond 19.12.1801 / Thomas Banck age 50 bur 25.12.1803 / Thomas Banck of Water Lane age 93 bur Richmond 10.12.1816

Bancroft, Edward

Bancroft 31.3.1793 at Paradise's.

Edward Bancroft DNB 1744-1821 chemist and spy, mentioned in Shepperson as a lifelong friend of John Paradise. Boyle's 1792 Dr Bancroft 21 Francis St Tottenham Ct Rd


Banham, Daniel

Daniel Banham was one of the 18 additional signers at the 1789 conference to the 77 printed ones of 7.12.1788. He was bapt 25.12.1788 New Jerusalem


HCR diary 1.5.1819 Mr and Mrs Banks at Charles Aders

                    9.5.1819 at Mrs Smith's (the future Eliza Aders) Mr & Mrs Banks there "Mr B: otherwise a formal and tiresome man talked about precious stones a subject he understands being by profession a worker of precious stones - he was a very rich man but ran through his fortune and then took to this occupation in which he has talent - as a means of subsistence - his wife is a quiet good kind of woman much praised by Mrs Smith & Aders &c. I walked with them to give them the protection of my umbrella"


Banks, Benjamin

Benjamin Banks DNB 1727-95, musical instrument maker of Salisbury, in the printed list of 77 in 1788 and the conference minutes of 1789. No mention of Swedenborg in DNB article

Banks, Henry

4.9.1794 Henry Banks tailor gave evidence to LCS for John Groves (accused of being a spy and acquitted but later revealed to have been a spy)

Henry Banks tailor Crown Court, Bow Street    SunFire 1787
         do.                Martletts Court                     voted 1788 Hood
         do.                      do.                                  SunFire 1790, 1791
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1790 Hood & Tooke
         do.                      do.                                  voted 1796 Fox…

Banks, Thomas

GODWIN DIARY 10.1.1796 adv mrs & miss Banks at Holcroft's / 7.5.1797 adv mes Banks at Hts
Elizabeth Hooton 1748-1834 married 1766 Thomas Banks DNB 1735-1805 sculptor. Their daughter Lavinia born in Rome 1774 married 3.8.1799 at St Geo Han Sq, the Rev Edward Forster

Thomas Banks of Newman St (DNB 1735-1805 sculptor) was proposed SOCIETY FOR CONSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION 28.9.1792 by William Sharpe 2nded John Horne Tooke. See his person record in Godwin Diary website and my Background Article Godwin, the Reveleys and the Jenningses

See Newman Street 1 to 9 in LONDON…

Banning, Thomas

Thomas Banning of Liverpool on 1792-3 Swedenborgian conference list 

Bannister, Richard

Richard Bannister, Popes Head Alley joined 21.5.1794 the "unnumbered division" (QV)

Hugh Bannister (died 1790) = Pulford, Cheshire 8.1.1737 Elizabeth Fox (died 1780). Their children John (appr 1758 to a skinner), Richard (appr 1762 to Jeffrey Edwards of Chester flaxdresser 7 yrs premium £9 father Hugh Bannister yeoman), John, Elizabeth
Old Bailey 1771 witness Richard Bannister servant to Mr Curll pawnbroker Fox Court
Old Bailey 14.1.1777 witness Richard Bannister servant to Mr Brown pawnbroker Long Acre
Old Bailey 19.2.1777 witness Richard Bannister belonging to…

Barclay, Sir Robert

16.8.1795 sir Rob Barclay at Perry's / 14.11.1799 call on Barclay (after Perry) / 12.3.1800 sir Robt Barclay at Opie's / 17.5.1800 sir R B adv at Perry's / 20.5.1822 call on Barclay. In Godwin's 1796 list for 1795, crossed out, also appeared in 1796 list near beginning of 1800

Sir Robert Barclay 1755-1839 (History of Parliament) banker & wine merchant, (Aix en Provence, Mauritius)