A-Z of Entries

Allwood, Ann

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

Ann Allwoood ratebooks 53 Poland St 1795 / ad 1795 for sale of furniture of Mrs Ann Allwood deceased / SunFire 1790 Ann Allwood 25 Old Compton St haberdasher / will PCC 1798 Ann Allwood of St James exec Thomas Ker of Poland St dated 20.5.1794


Alsager, Thomas Massa

HCR diary 29.6.1816 Mozart's Nozze di Figaro, Robinson unable to enjoy the musick, Alsager had recommended it

Thomas Massa Alsager (DNB 1779-1846)


Alves 23.1.1802 at Lamb's

No Alves in index to Letters of Charles & Mary Lamb. A fairly common Scottish name. William Alves 1780-1835 son of Dr John Alves of Shipland ( MD Edinburgh 1758, d 1788) married Sarah Chandler Davidson on 14.7.1801 at St George Bloomsbury, his brother Archibald Alves 1765-1838 was of 17 Lower Harley St in 1801 (Sun Fire Insurance). I have lots more written notes on people of the name Alves but nothing conclusive at present


Amherst 6.10.1805 at Lord Holland's

Probably William Pitt Amherst DNB 1773-1837. The DNB says very little about this part of his life, he had inherited the title Baron Amherst in 1797. I consulted a few books on the Holland House circle (Sanders, MItchell &c) but found no mention of him as a  part of it, nevertheless the identification seems probable

Amory, Henry

Henry Amory of Bucklersbury proposed 27.9.1782 by Joseph Towers 2nded Edward Bridgen.. His grandfather John was a Taunton grocer, his grandmother Anne was sister of Henry Grove DNB 1684-1738, his father Thomas Amory DNB 1701-1774 was Grove's successor, and his mother was Mary (c.1723 -.1801) daughter of Rev Samuel Baker of Southwark (d.1748), they were married at Taunton on 7.9.1741.  Henry Grove Amory of Bucklersbury subscribed 1788 to Nathaniel Lardner's Works. John Thelwall DNB 1764-1834 dedicated his Ode to Science (1791) to Henry Amory Esq father of the Philomathian Society.. Henry…

Amyot, Thomas

HCR diary 19.9.1819 "I walked afterwards to Mrs Smith - Amyot with me - she was not at home"

                    23.4.1820 "to Amyots with whom I dined" "Amyot's increasing toryism renders his conversation sometimes unpleasant" "R.A. has undertaken to ascertain at the Navy Office whether Lieut Kelly Mrs     Smith's first husband be alive or not"

                    26.4.1820 "called on Amyot expecting an answer from Richard A to questions he was to put at the Admiralty about the life or death of Lieut Kelly the first husband of Mrs Smith and he afterwards informed me that K…

Anderson, James

13.2.1795 Anderson adv at King's / sup at his 21.4.1795 / calls 2.6.1795 / tea at his 4.6.1795 / calls 15.6.1795 / at his 17.6.1795 / calls 20.6.1795 / G Anderson calls 20.7.1795 / at King's 30.7.1795 / G Anderson at miss Godwin's 18.9.1795 / miss Godwin & GA call 22.9.1795 / Anderson & sons at miss Godwin's 30.9.1795 / A & G Anderson at miss Godwin's 1.12.1795 / GA at miss Jones' (with miss Godwin) 15.12.1795 /  Dr Andersn, Jno A call 20.11.1796 / 5 Andersons at miss Godwin's 24.11.1796 / J Anderson calls 3.12.1796 / Jno Anderson calls 11.1.1797 / Jno Anderson at miss Godwin's…

Anderson, John

John Anderson of Twickenham. Land Tax 1805-8 prop John A occ Woodnut, 1808 Crosbie, 1813 Mr Anderson freehold £8 pa. 1814 onwards bapts of children of Joseph A labourer & Hannah, Twickenham

Andover, Earl of

9.9.1808 write to Andover

Thomas Howard 1776-1851 Earl of Andover from 1800, 16th Earl of Suffolk from 1820. M P for Andover 1802-1806. A Whig

Andreani, Paolo

Adriani 10.2.1793 at Paradise's.

Count Paolo Andreani (often spelt Adreani) of Milan born 27.5.1763 died 11.5.1823. On 2.4.90 Paradise wrote to George Washington introducing him (Shepperson) and he sailed from Falmouth 13.4.90 bringing an ode from Alfieri to Washington. Earlier he had been the first Italian to take a voyage in a balloon. In America he viewed Niagara Falls and travelled through Upper Canada with a passport from Lord Dorchester, he measured the height of Thunder Mountain (1400ft) and took observations to determine whether the earth was flattened at the poles (Memoirs…

Andrews, Benjamin

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset

Benjamin Andrew(s) 3 Batemans Buildings ratebooks 1777-85+ / Benjamin Andrews gent Batemans Buildings voted Rodney & Lincoln 1774, Fox 1780 & 1794, Sheridan & Paull 1806 / directories 1782-91 Benjamin Andrews agent Batemans Buildings / 1785 army list 30th foot agent Mr Anrews, Batemans Buildings / Gazetteer 13.11.1781 lieutenancy for sale apply A.B. 3 Batemans Buildings / see Clare, Samuel also an army agent who seems to have lived at 3 Batemans Buildings from 1779 before moving to No 15 c. 1781 / Benjamin Andrews bach…

Andrews, Francis

Godwin's diary Vol VII f 46r: M P Andrews, Lyttleton's Moloch, a letcherous old miser. M.

Francis Andrews 1718-1774 (A History of the Irish Parliament) fits the bill, in some people's views. There were no MPs with surname Andrews in English Parliament in 1754 - 1820. George Lyttelton DNB 1709-1773 would seem to be the likely author, but I can find no instance of Moloch in his works. M could be James Marshall or Basil Montagu among others

Andrews, George

George Andrews of Hounslow

Andrews, James

James Andrews of Richmond / Margaretta of James & Margaretta A bapt 9.11.1797 Richmond James of same bapt 15.1.1800 there (bur there 6.2.1800 infant) Anne of same bapt 27.6.1803 there (bur there 31.7.1803 infant) Anna Maria of same bapt 11.7.1804 there Susannah of same bapt 15.10.1809 there James Albion of same (coachman, Kew, Horse Rd) born 9.4.1813 bapt 9.5.1813 there (= 13.8.1844 Eliza Ann Clark there) James A bur 31.5.1824 age 52 / James Andrews dirs 1790, 1791 shoemaker Ricmond, took apprs 1780, 1781, 1784, 1790, 1798, 1799 Jno Andrews shoemaker took appr 1806, Land Tax Redemption…

Andrews, John

John Andrews of Isleworth

Andrews, Major

supper Major Andrews 7.8.1800

See Godwin's letter to James Marshall (Bodleian Abinger c6 f36-7). Major Edmund Andrews 4th regt Irish Brigade disbanded 1798. Major edmund Andrews 30.5.1799 assistant barrack master general. (Army Lists0

Andrews, surgeon

3.9.1808 call on Andrews, surgeon

G J Andrews 13 King-st Holborn / John Andrews 14 Greek-st Soho / John Goldwyer Andrews, So'ton-row, Bloomsbury (his will PCC 1849) / Mr Andrews Prospect Row, Brompton, died 1809, had been with Capt Cook round the globe. These were all surgeons in London around 1808


mrs Angerstein & Miss Locke 1.3.1800 adv at Jas Moore's / 17.5.1800  Hoare (Angerstein, Boydel, Gilpin, Beechey) at Milton Gallery / 24.6.1813 Angerstein's, fr.  with A & W Curran / 30.6.1813 Angerstein's, fr. / 7.7.1813 Angerstein's, with W & A Curran / 30.3.1826 Angerstein's, with W / 20.4.1826 call with M W S, on Northcote, & Angerstein's

Godwin probably never met John Julius Angerstein DNB 1732-1823 nor his son John MP (Hist of Parl1774-1858), as the name was bracketed at the Milton Gallery in 1800 and the later visits to Angerstein's were probably to his art…

Angier, Charles

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

Charles Angier 1 Poland St Ratebooks 1784-7 / ads to cure speech impediments / MD Edinburgh 1791 / Land Tax 1782 Earls Court / 1784 robbed at Earls Court oldbaileyonline / 1789 Middlesex Sessions (London Lives)Samuel son of Charles Angier removed from Hackney to St James parish his last place of legal settlement

Angier, James

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

James Angiers ratebooks 9 Poland St 1786 / James Angier = Holborn 9.5.1790 by banns Catherine Batten botp witness John Angier / and see Angier, Charles