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Aldebert, Isaac senior

HCR diary 5.11.1816 "called early on Aders" (discussion re: Jameson & Aldebert)

Marquardt vol 1 p24 n14. Isaak Aldebert born 3.4.1762 Erlangen died 3.10.1817 London. Apprenticed to Jonas Darfeld, merchant of Frankfurt, at the same time as Carl Cornelius Souchay and Franz Perret. In 1776 Darfeld married Katherina Elisabeth Mylius (1753-1832) thirty years his junior, with whose brothers Peter Friedrich Mylius and Johann Jakob Mylius (1756-1835) he started a firm in 1784. In 1786 the couple divorced and Darfeld left the firm, then Aldebert became partner to the Mylius brothers and…

Alderson, Amelia

AO calls 1.5.1800

Should be added to person record for Amelia Alderson (Opie) on GD website

Alderson, Christopher

Christopher Alderson merchant of Lawrence lane proposed 8.11.1782 by Joseph Brown of Gracechurch St 2nded Richard Sharp of Fish St Hill. 1766 partner of John Story warehouseman Lawrence Lane. 1789 East India merchant Lawrence Lane. Buried 31.12.1810 St John Hackney age 85. His will PCC 1811 of Homerton  probable birthplace Askrigg Yorks, one of his execs was John Pearson of Lawrence Lane warehouseman. By 6.10.1792 he was on the Hackney Committee for the Association to Defend Liberty and Property against Republicans & Levellers (Oracle 7.10.1792)

Alderson, James

12.7.1796 (call on) W B with A / 21.7.1796 Trial; Brown, v. A / 23.7.1796 call on mrs Merry with A

GD website left these three As uncoded despite coding other As nearby to James Alderson

Alderson, Thomas John

HCR diary 26.4.1836  "I called on Mrs Aders - they are going to remove and board with Alderson near the Jaffrays - This is a measure of economy"

                    28.4.1836  "I had made enquiries about Alderson the attorney with whom Mr & Mrs Aders are going to board and I learned he failed six years ago but that there is no imputation on his moral character"

                      6.5.1836  "called on Mrs Aders at Lower Eaton Str. The A:s are gone to live with Mr Alderson (cousin of Mrs Opie). Mr A: recognised me as having known me formerly"

The Jaffrays (QV*)…


16.1.1796 Alexander at Carlisle's / 10.5.1800 Alexander & Lawrence adv at theatre./ 23.11.1804 call on Alexander / 27.11.1804 call on Alexander with Langslow / 29.1.1805 call on Alexander / 1.5.1805 again / 20.6.1805 again / 5.11.1807 again / 17.11.1807 again / 19.11.1807 again / 20.11.1807 Alexander calls / 28.11.1807 again / 30.11.1807 again / 9.12.1807 again / 11.12.1807 again / 31.12.1807 again / 16.1.1808 again / 29.1.1808 again / 8.2.1808 again / 23.9.1808 Alexander, Langslow call / 27.7.1811 call on Alexander / 27.6.1815 meet Alexander / 9.7.1815 dine at Alexander's / 29.3.1816…

Alexander, Francis

Francis Alexander of Twickenham, Land Tax there 1809, 1810 freeholder. Electoral register 1838 Ball lane Twickenham copyhold over £10. 1841 census Francis Alexander Ball Lane Ind. age 80 b Scotland one Female servant harriet Wise. Francis Alexander born 24.8.1760 Dunfermline Fife of James A & Christian hutton, , another born 9.12.1759 Kemnay, Aberdeen of Alexander A and Jean Masson

Alexander, Miss

23.3.1789 (mes) Alexander at Miss Williams'.

Letters of Joanna Baillie online mentions two spinster sisters that the Baillie sisters had known many years, whose brother was Chief Baron Alexander (18.5.1755 - 20.6.1842). This could be one or both of Christian died unmarried 25.2.1846 in 84th year or Jane died unmarried 7.2.1843 at Dover in 77th year, both left PCC wills

Alfeck (Elphick)

call on Alfeck 27.2.1804 (in Lewes)

The name Elphick was current in Sussex, Peake Elphick of Lewes gent PCC 1755. William Elphick of Lewes breeches maker and Jane his wife (Sun Fire 1791 East Sussex Record Office 1794). Mary wife of Thomas Elphick militia private 1805, Thomas Elphick of Lewes butcher 1806 John Elphick servant of Cliffe, Lewes, father of unborn child 1816 (ESRO)



Alfrey, Mrs

see Poland Street 1 to 9 & 49 to 62 in London Addresses dataset

Mrs Alfrey 7 Poland St ratebooks 1780-6 / William Allfree = 16.4.1781 St James to  Ann Ouder their children Richard William bapt there 1782 William 1784 / John Allfrey committed to Kings Bench prison 3.12.1776 at suit of George Gundry discharged by Insolvent Debtors Act 21.1.1782. See my entry for George Gundry (at 22 Poland St)

Aliffe, William

William Aliffe (Ayliffe) of Twickenham 4 shares UBDir 1791 grocer SunFire Church St 1785 taylor 1786 grocer & chandler 1799 chandler & tailor Land Tax 1803 occupier WA £3 pa prop Innwood, 1804-1825 proprietor / admon LondonCC 1799 of John A of Twickenham widower died Jan 1799 under £300 granted 1.3.1799 to son Wm A of Twickenham mans mercer sureties Robt Weston of Hart St Covt Gdn coachmaker & Wm Weston of Green St, St geo Han sq coachmaker / John of Wm & Frances A bapt 14.12.1794 Twickenham, Mary of same bapt 22.8.1797 there, Frances of same bapt 31.1.1800 there, Frances…


at theatre 7.10.1799 adv Perry (Alkmaar)

In the GD website the play record for this day is blank, it should be Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare, and Naval Pillar by Thomas James Dibdin (at Covent Garden). A battle between the British & French took place near Alkmaar on 2.10.1799 resulting in a British victory, the town of Alkmaar was taken on 4.10.1799. The journalist James Perry may have had some interesting news of it 

Allen, Elizabeth

see Poland Street 10 to 18 & 45 to 48 in London Addresses dataset

SunFire 1787 Elizabeth Allen spinster 10 Great Poland St / 1771 Frances Pudsey milliner St Anne Soho took appr Elizabeth Allen / bur St James 31.3.1790 and 15.6.1795 Elizabeth Allen / possibly will PCC 1792 Elizabeth Allen spinster Shepherd St St Geo Han Sq. A common name

Allen, Emanuel

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset

Emanuel Allen 11 Batemans Buildings ratebooks 1788 / Law List Emanuel Allen 1792 attorney 11 Batemans Buildings, 1793 attorney 52 Frith St, Soho with partner Thomas Callandar of 10 Mortimer St, Cavendish Sq / 1.1.1783 Emanuel Allen brother of Joseph Allen of Crown Court St James vintner articled to Robert Blake of Cooks Court, Carey St attorney / Emanuel Allen of St James Picc'y = 1.2.1785 Elizabeth Gascoigne of St Giles i t Fields banns & cert wits Jos Allen, Jno Geo Perry / SunFire 1785 Emanuel Allen gent 12 Wardour St /…

Allen, John

John Allen of Twickenham UBDir. 1791 plasterer / Land Tax Twickenham 1784-1792 Allen occ £4 pa prop. Dawson 1800-1803 occ £2 pa prop Mrs Newman (different property) / John Immanuel of John & Sarah Allen bapt 26.2.1804 Twickenham (John A 1851 census carpenter age 48 born Twickenham res. Spital Rd, Clewer, Berks) Thomas of same bapt 22.9.1805 there (Thomas A 1851 census plumber age 44 born Twickenham res. London St Chertsey) Henry of same bapt 31.1.1808 there (bur 11.2.1811 there Henry A a child) Sarah of same bapt 29.8.1811 there Mary of same Labourer bapt 26.2.1815 there

Allen, John Grigg

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

John Allen 33 Poland St ratebooks 1789 / John Allen of St James = St Pancras 26.4.1778 Ann Grigg otp / John Allen peruke maker Poland St voted 1790 Fox / Middlesex sessions 12.2.1791 John Grigg Allen charged with being a rogue and a vagabond, said on oath that about 4 months ago he quitted a house in Poland St which he had rented about 2 yrs for £28 p.a. / Edward Osborne (QV*) coal merchant of 34 Poland St will PCC 1806 mentioned his servant John Allen / John Allen coal dealer Poland St voted 1806 Paull / SunFire 1807 John Allen…

Allen, Lancelot Baugh

at Wedgwood's 15.2.1793. In the Godwin Diary website this has been coded to Robert Allen but since he was at Wedgwood's Lancelot Baugh Allen is more likely

Allison, Robert

see Francis Place's Autobiography ed. Mary Thale p 94, 111, 119, 123-8

perhaps Robert s of Benjamin & Ann Allison bapt 7.1.1753 Hartburn, Northumberland
or           Robert s of Robert Allison                bapt 9.7.1753 Whitburn, Northumberland

perhaps Robert Allison appr 7 yrs from 28.12.1771 to James Gladstains of Alnwick shoemaker, premium £2.10s

perhaps Robert Allison = Holborn 26.8.1787 Sarah Nichols botp banns sigs wits Wm Nicholls, Ann Fletcher
or           Robert Allison bach = St Luke Old St 12.10.1783 Sarah Oxendon sp botp banns sigs wits…

Alliston, John

HCR diary 10.12.1825 "I had a message from Alliston's clerk that an undefended action would come on that day in which I was engaged with Justice - Drove down in alarm but found the case far enough off"

John Alliston & George Hundleby (QV*) attorneys 2 Freeman's Court, Cornhill (Law List 1825). John Alliston was articled to Thomas Ashfield (Common Pleas 1797) and did much conveyancing work. His will PCC 1855 of Warnford Ct, Throgmorton St. He was buried at Kensal Green cemetery on 26.5.1855 from 21 Suffolk St, Pall Mall age 74

Allnutt, Zackry

MILL VOTERS 1802. Zackry Allnutt of Twickenham

Zachary Allnutt = 4.7.1802 Twickenham Mary Haynes / Zachary Allnutt & Hamilton Strickland milliners of Twickenham took appr Dorothy Cole 20.8.1802 3 yrs £42 premium / Zachary John Allnutt of Zachary & Mary bapt 3.7.1803 Twickenham (Zachary John Allnutt 1861 census 2 Cranley Terr Kensington age 58 optician & misc dealer) / Morning Chronicle 20.9.1803 Zachary Allnutt steward of dinner at Crown & Anchor, Strand, celebrating the anniversary of Middlesex election. Albion Cooper (QV*) another mill voter was also a steward…