A-Z of Entries

Adamson, William

William Adamson of Dublin proposed Socy Const Info by John Farnell Tuffin 9.11.1792 2nded William Tooke / 1773 William Adamson of Carpenters Company Dublin voted for Redmond Morres as MP Dublin City / subscr 1790 to "Evidences of the Jewish and Christian revelations" by Rev Henry Murray, Dublin / Irish subscr to Olaudah Equiano 1793 /

Addington, Henry

Addington 17.3.1801/ 14.1.1805

Henry Addington DNB 1757-1844, both enrtries above are covered by GD website event tags but coded as unidentified persons

Addington, Philip

Addington at tea 29.6.1797 / 30.6.1797 calls / 1.7.1797 to 5.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 6.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 7.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters / 8.7.1797 Addington dines / 9.7.1797 calls / 16.7.1797 again /19.7.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan / 23.7.1797 Addington at tea / 24.7.1797 Godwin reads Vaughan's letters and finishes them on 25.7.1797 / 27.7.1797 Addington at tea / 3.8.1797 again / 18.8.1797 Godwin writes to Vaughan. Vaughan's letters / 19.8.1797 Addington calls / 20.8 1797 Addington calls & dines / 23.8.1797 mrs Vaughan arrives. Vaughan calls…


see Mercier, A

Aders family

Johann Kaspar Aders 1719-1798 had linen and cotton factory at Elberfeld ("Vicarie" in Berliner Straße) his second wife was Anna Luise Phillipine Hofius, daughter of a pastor from Iserlohn. His sons were

1) Johann Jakob 1768-1825 (QV*) who married 20.5.1793 Anna Helena Brinck (died 1844) daughter of Johann Heinrich Brinck (1743-1817) banker by his wife Maria Elizabeth (nee Houberg)

                   their children 1)  Auguste born 1794 married 16.4.1819 Karl Friedrich Harkort (1788-1862) son of Johann Caspar Harkort and his wife Henrietta (nee Elbers). His younger brothers…

Aders, Ewald

HCR diary 24.11.1821

"Ewald Aders - a nephew of A: with a face somewhat Guelphish & therefore not intellectual has the manners of a gentleman and the air of a man of honour."

A son of Johann Jacob Aders (QV*) merchant in Leipzig married Karolina Tönnies (Sophia). See Aders family (QV*)

Aders, Johann Jakob

HCR diary 12.6.1824

"called on Aders who had proposed my being shares in the Rhenish West India Co - a compant managed by C C Becher but as a servant only - Aders' brother is one of the founders - The society is the more deserving credit, from its not being pretentious - They offer only 4% interest with a bonus occasionally"

The Rhenisch West-Indische Gesellschaft founded in 1821 by Johann Jakob Aders crashed in 1828, was liquidated in 1832 and shareholders received only 10% back in 1843.  For Carl Christian Becher (QV*).

See Aders family (QV*)


11.4.1807 M(arshall) calls for Adkins / 11.8.1807 Bow Street, w. Corbet & T(homas) T(urner), warrant ; Jo. H(odgkins) calls : Adkins calls : M(arshall) & T(homas) T(urner) dine : H(odgkins) & Adkins call ; Bow Street

The second entry above seems likely to have been Harry Adkins, police officer Bow-street public office (Holdens directory 1811 and in Old Bailey proceedings 1809 to 1819). So the first entry quite likely referred to him as well. A Harry Adkins was later keeper of Warwick gaol (1830s & 1840s)


27.1.1806 Adlard adv. at Wroughton, proxy / 11.8.1813 Adlard calls

A family of printers & engravers, William Adlard SunFire 1789 printer 10 Salisbury Court Fleet St buried 19.1.1821 St Brides age 83 from St John Clerkenwell, his son James Adlard printer SunFire 1791 39 Duke St, West Smithfield (& later also 23 Bartholomew Close) bapt 2.5.1768 St Brides of William & Ann, married Sarah Gates 4.6.1790 St Pancras,  his will PCC 4.2.1819 mentioned father William, brothers Thomas & William, wife Sarah, sons Henry, John, Alfred, William, Frederick & George, and dau Mary…


Adolphus 15.11.1801 at Hill's / 29.10.1805 at theatre

John Adolphus DNB 1768-1845


see Andreani, Paolo

Agar, James

proposed member of Society for Constitutional Information 30.11.1792 by Christopher Hull, seconded by John Balmanno, rejected (one of a very few) Nat Arch TS11/962 / signed Declaration of Friends to the Liberty of the Press 1792/3 / steward at general meeting of London Corresponding Society 20.1.1794 (Thale p105) / witness in treason trials 1794 address Hare Court, Temple / steward of Friends of Freedom 1795, 1796 / on the outbreak of open rebellion in Ireland he was arrested 31.5.1798 at the Inner Temple on suspicion of high treason (along with Valentine Lawless, Richard Curran, Traynor…

Aickin, James

23.11.1788 dine at Holcroft's; see Jas Aickin / Aickins at Holcroft's on 3.12.1788 /J Aickin at Robinson's on 22.1.1789 / J Aickin adv at Holcroft's on 31.5.1789 / at J Aickin's on 10.6.1789 with Baddeley.  Aickins appeared in Godwin's 1796 list for 1787 (crossed out), and in the 1794 version as F Aickin, J Aickin.

James Aickin DNB 1737-1803 actor and F Aickin. Both presumably present on 3.12.1788. The first entry above 23.11.1788 is wrongly coded in GD website to J Aikin

Aickles, John Henry

see Batemans Buildings in London Addresses dataset. Aickles appears to have been a brilliant swindler and/or maybe had friends in high places. His downfall was his distinctive name

Jas Henry Aickles ratebooks 6 Batemans Bldgs 1778 / Morning Post 20.2.1778 ad for money broking apply L.T. 6 Batemans Buildings also 23.2.1778, 27.2.1778, 12.3.1778, 19.3.1778, 2.5.1778, 4.5.1778, 11.5.1778 these ads very similar to those for Mr Freeman at 7 Batemans Buildings in 1776 (see Freeman, John) and also to those at 15 Batemans Buildings 1779-1781 (see No 15 in Batemans Buildings entry in London…

Aikin, Mrs

mrs Aikin 24.5.1800 at Barbauld's

Probably Martha nee Jennings c1746-1830 who married John Aikin DNB 1747-1822, the brother of Mrs Barbauld (their mother was also a Jennings). None of Aikin's three sons were married by 1800 and he had no brothers.

Ainslie, Robert

18.4.1790 Sir R A's Truchement at Paradise's. Truchement is a French word widely used in England at the time meaning interpreter. Sir R A is Robert Ainslie DNB 1730-1812 British ambassador to Constantinople. John Paradise was familiar with that part of the world and its languages


Aitchison, John

see Poland Street 19 to 44 in London Addresses dataset

John Aitchison 31 Poland St ratebooks 1800-1805 / John Aitchison = St James 26.9.1779 Ann Parratt botp banns / John Aitchison carpenter Poland St voted Graham 1802 Burdett 1818 / John Aitchison of Poland St bur St James 22.9.1824 age 64 / Alison Aitchison of Poland St bur St James 27.1.1830 age 81

Akers, Isabella

HCR diary 28.9.1827

with Voigt (QV*) "we went and took coffee with Mrs Aders. Mrs Akers there and her brother a clergyman"

Aretas Akers (will PCC 1855) son of Aretas Akers (will PCC 1816) married 1821 Isabella Larking (bapitised 28.8.1799 at East Malling, died 17.7.1891). Her brother was the Rev. Lambert Blackwell Larking (DNB 1797-1868). This is a very probable identification but no clinching evidence

Aldborough, Richard

Richard Aldborough of Hounslow

Aldebert Isaac junior

HCR diary 5.6.1842  Aldebert "his father-in-law Mr Mann" 25.10.1842 Aldebert not knowing he was illegitimate

Isaac Aldebert was born 5.2.1812 and baptised 31.12.1814 at Shoreditch along with his older sister Frances who was born 14.11.1810. Their parents' names were given as Isaac Aldebert of Brett's Buildings, Hoxton, and Dorothea Maria Catharina Kruckenberg. See Isaac Aldebert senior (QV*). Isaac Aldebert bachelor, coachmaker of St Martin in the Fields son of Isaac Aldebert de ceased, married at St Pancras 17.10.1840 Sarah Elizabeth Mann spinster of Kentish Town, daughter of J W H…